Polypectomy (Removal of Polyp)

Polypectomy (Removal of Polyp) | Mumbai, India
Polypectomy refers to the surgical removal of polyps (wart-like growth) from an organ, say removing common colonal polyps.
Since most polyps do not manifest any pronounced symptoms save bleeding or a change in bowel habit, there’re a lot of myths surrounding Polypectomy too, like
Polyps are harmless
Most certainly not. If their growth is not arrested, there is a good chance that they can evolve into life-threatening cancers
Polyps happen exclusively to ‘elderly’ people
Not necessarily. However, people above 50 who have complained about polyps earlier or have a family history, smoke, are overweight and have unhealthy diets are more likely to succumb to polyps
Polypectomy Surgeries | Mumbai, India
Did you know that Polypectomy isn’t a single technique?

In fact, Polypectomy surgeries depend on the type of polyp being treated treatments

A majority of polyps

Most polyps are snared using a wire lasso across the polyp’s base and tautened while an electric current is passed so as to sever the polyps from the body and cauterise blood vessels so as to prevent bleeding

Larger and flatter polyps are usually more difficult to sever. They are removed through Endoscopic

The larger polyps

Mucosal Resection (EMR) that involves injecting liquid into the lining of the bowel underneath the polyp. This elevates a bleb under the polyp, lifting it off the lining of the bowel so as to allows the snare to catch the polyp

The smaller polyps

For smaller polyps, special forceps aka graspers are used to hold them even as the diathermy current is smeared, putting an end to the tissue. The endoscopist tries to save the polyp tissue upon removal so as to analyse it in the pathology lab

Polypectomy (Removal of Polyp) is quick & hassle free

  • 1
    Medical Check Ups
  • 30
    Approximate Surgery Time
  • 2
    Hospital Stay & Recovery

After a successful Polypectomy

most people also eliminate themselves from the risk of malignancies
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