Myomectomy (Fibroid Management)

Myomectomy (Fibroid Management) Thane | Myomectomy (Fibroid Management) Mumbai, India
Myomectomy is the surgical extraction of uterine fibroids, that is performed to treat female sterility.
As is common to all medical conditions, there are a lot of myths related to myomectomy like
Large fibroids mandate open myomectomies
Absolutely not! This was so earlier. Today, with the advances in medical science, minimally invasive surgical have made it possible to oust fibroids laparoscopically
Myomectomies don’t need second opinions
False, when it comes to medical and surgical procedures, enlightening and empowering second opinions are de rigueur and non negotiable
Fibroids necessitate uterus removal
Most certainly not! Your uterus will continue nesting pretty in your stomach post surgery
Surgical fibroid extraction causes complications in pregnancy
Absolutely not! Myomectomies do not have any such adverse affect. On the contrary, they are extremely safe and most women experience a liberating feeling post the procedure
Medication can treat uterine fibroids
Absolutely not! Drugs can only manage symptoms, not dissolve fibroids
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When is your doctor likely to recommend a Myomectomy?

As myomectomy doesn’t damage or remove the uterus while treating fibroids, your good gynaecologist may recommend it if you

Have a medical history of anaemia that doesn’t respond to medication

Experience stubborn excruciating pain or pressure which medicines can’t alleviate

Have fibroids that have transformed the wall of the uterus to occasionally result in infertility or multiple miscarriages

Also, it is often performed prior to an IVF so as to enhance chances of pregnancy

Myomectomy is one among the nearly-perfected surgeries. Go, take that plunge!

Myomectomy (Fibroid Management) is quick & hassle free

  • 1
    Medical Check Ups
  • 30
    Approximate Surgery Time
  • 2
    Hospital Stay & Recovery

After a Myomectomy (Fibroid Management)

many erstwhile sterile women have been able to conceive
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Dr. Sandhya Saharan explains Myomectomy (Fibroid Management).

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