Family Planning

Best Family Planning in India Currae Gynaec-IVF-Birthing Hospital
Family planning is the procedure where experts help ‘plan’ families based on certain parameters like financial strength.
It is especially relevant to an overpopulated country like India because
It is a scientific method of population control
Yes, family planning isn’t the euphemism for birth control or contraceptive measures that it is usually made out to be but is in fact a well thought through ‘plan’ which addresses questions like ‘When to have children?’, ‘What is the ideal time gap between two pregnancies?’ and ‘What are the ideal methods of contraception?’. This is usually done by certified specialists
It ensures a better quality of life
By letting one plan his family scientifically, family planning effectively addresses the problem of plenty which often results in impoverishment. On the contrary, as each pregnancy is carefully thought-through, the child is automatically assured a better quality of life
Arrest Sexually Transmitted Diseases
As family planning mandates in-depth sex education sessions, people can be sensitised to the risks of having multiple sex partners, unprotected sex and the like. This will go a long way to curb the spreading menace of AIDS
Best Family Planning in India Currae Gynaec-IVF-Birthing Hospital
Did you know?

There are countries where family planning is compulsory for everyone and attracts penalties if not adhered to

Family planning is an essential part of all assisted fertility programmes like In Vitro Fertilisation

Family planning always ensures healthy pregnancies and mitigates the risks of still births

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