Excision of Bartholin’s Cyst

Bartholin Gland Removal Surgery Recovery India
Excision (extraction) of cysts in the Bartholin’s gland is a minor surgery that is commonly performed as an OPD procedure.
It is intended to cure persistent and recurrent Bartholin’s gland abscess and cyst. As is common to all surgical procedures, excision of cysts in the Bartholin’s gland too has its share of myths to surmount, the most common ones being
Sitz baths are to be mandatorily avoided post excision of Bartholin’s cyst
In fact, on the contrary, your doctor will recommend Sitz bath thrice daily for many days to enhance recovery
There aren’t any physiological differences
Excision stops the secretion of fluid from the Bartholin’s gland which in fact is a very useful vaginal lubricant. However, for well-estrogenised vaginas, this isn’t generally a clinical difficulty
All Excisions requisition gland removal
In fact, it is only in very rare cases that the entire Bartholin gland and duct are removed. It is generally prescribed for postmenopausal women with Bartholin gland problems due to cancer with age
It is a long and complicated surgery
In fact, simplicity is the hallmark of this procedure
One doesn’t need to abstain from sex
Abstinence alleviates the chances of infection, so, you’d do very well to allow a clear intercourse-free window until the vagina is fully healed
Excision (extraction) of cysts in the Bartholin’s Gland Surgery | Mumbai, India
When is your doctor most likely to recommend Excision of Bartholin’s cyst?
If you manifest the following symptoms, it is highly likely that you have developed the extremely common medical condition – cyst in the Bartholin’s gland,
Complicated or recurrent adamant abscess

which refuses to respond to oral, local or general medication necessitates surgical intervention

To arrest potentially malignancies

which requisition a biopsy

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and arrive at the clinic now for Excision of your Bartholin’s cyst

After a successful Excision of Bartholin’s Cyst

most people find relief from potentially cancerous growths
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