Cystocoele Repair

Cystocele Repair | Gynaecology | Mumbai, India
Cystocoele Repair refers to the repair of the urethra prolapse, a condition characterised by the bladder’s wall pressing against and moving the vaginal wall.
It usually occurs due to the damage caused by deliveries through the mother’s vagina. And as is characteristic of all surgical procedures, there are a lot of myths surrounding this apparently simple procedure too, common among which are
Urethra Prolapse always manifests in pronounced symptoms
This isn’t true at all since a majority of women have some degree of urethral prolapse, yet seldom few ever manifest any pronounced symptoms. And more often than not, these symptoms are veiled underneath other medical conditions
Surgery is mandatory
False, surgery is only resorted to if the symptoms are relentless and persistent enough so as to interject day-to-day activities
There’s a lone technique involved in Cystocele Repair
The truth is that there are as many as 3 (three) basic techniques for Cystocele repair – anterior colporrhaphy, anterior colporrhaphy with graft and para-vaginal repair. Of this surgical trinity the first 2 are most commonly advised
There’s no connection between tissue regrowth and graft dissolution
On the contrary, tissue regrowth and graft dissolution play major roles in the attainment of surgical Cystocele Repair
Synthetic grafts are temporary
Absolutely not! They are permanent in nature and when rightly positioned and secured, yield better long-term success
Laparoscopic Cystocele Repair Surgery Mumbai, India
When is your doctor most likely to recommend a Cystocoele Repair?
Cystocele Repair is advised to
Revert the normal anatomy and function

of the bodily part or area commonly known as the pelvic region

Arrest prolapse recurrence

in patients who have already had a medical history of prolapse

Repair concomitant intrapelvic defects

in patients who manifest symptoms and are willing to pursue surgical treatment

Treat Bladder outlet obstruction

mostly in elderly and senile patients which requisitions surgical correction

Stop worrying yourself silly over the effects of Cystocele Repair! Just plunge headlong into it if you ever need to

Cystocele Repair is quick & hassle free

  • 1
    Medical Check Ups
  • 45
    Approximate Surgery Time
  • 2
    Hospital Stay & Recovery

Post successful Cystocoele Repairs

most peoples’ bladder obstructions and prolapses are corrected
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