Cryo Cauterization of Cervix

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Cryo Cauterization of Cervix (Cryocautery / Cryosurgery) refers to the surgical procedure which utilises very cold temperatures to treat abnormalities of the female genital tract and other bodily parts
such as the skin. As is common to all surgical and medical procedures, there are a lot of myths surrounding Cryo Cauterization of Cervix too. Some of the commonest ones are
Cryo Cauterization of Cervix is excruciatingly painful
On the contrary, most women say that they feel absolutely no irritation, let alone physical pain. Even for the rarest of the rare cases where some pain is felt, the attendant pain is only experienced as a mild period-like pressure or at best, cramping during the procedure itself
After Cryo Cauterization of Cervix, I can resume sex immediately
Due to a heavy post-surgical discharge and the effect on the vagina, you’d do very well to abstain from intercourse for around a fortnight. This reduces the chances of contracting an infection too
Cryo Cauterization of Cervix is safe during pregnancy
Completely false! It should be compulsorily avoided during pregnancies and during periods too
It is a longish surgery
In fact, it actually takes about a quarter of an our for the surgery. The total OPD process lasts about an hour or even less
There are no alternative treatments
There most certainly are alternative treatments like LEEP (Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure) which is most commonly recommended. In fact, laser procedures are also increasingly being used
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When is your doctor most likely to recommend a Cryo Cauterization of Cervix surgery?
Surgical decisions aren’t made at the drop of a hat. Usually, the doctor will advise a Cryo Cauterization of Cervix include
Gynaecological statuses

or vaginal conditions like Pap smear or colposcopy

Vaginal infections

stubborn and persistent non-responding vaginal infections

Very critical vaginal bleeding

or intense cervical erosion (tissues that might cause cervical bleeding and/or heavy emission)

Cervical lesions

that happen in the vagina as also on the skin just outside the vagina

Award yourself a spring of hope with a Cryo Cauterization of Cervix surgery

Cryo Cauterization of Cervix is quick & hassle free

  • 1
    Medical Check Ups
  • 30
    Approximate Surgery Time
  • 1
    Hospital Stay & Recovery

After a successful Cyro Cauterization of the Cervix

a vast majority of women experience relief from infections of the genital tract
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