Currae offers the best & the most trusted Cosmetic Surgery facilities for new borns & pre-maturely born babies, twins & triplets
Cosmetology is a highly-specialised branch of medical science that revolves around the study and application of beauty treatment.
It includes specialities like skin care, hairstyling, cosmetics, electrology and more. However, like all medical procedures, there are a lot of myths related to cosmetology too. Some of them are
Cosmetology is expensive
No. Though everyone’s financial situation is different, cosmetology isn’t necessarily expensive if we consider the fact that they are largely confidence-enhancing and image-uplifting
Cosmetology is only for women
No. It is required and prescribed for a lot of men too. In fact, it is the only way to treat some congenital conditions and trauma-induced scars regardless of gender
Cosmetology is only for the young
No. Quite on the contrary, cosmetology is effective in reducing age-induced skin and beauty complications like crow’s feet, sagging skin and general skin uplifting
Botox makes you expressionless
Wrong. In fact, Botox is steadily gaining popularity because of the fact that injecting small doses into particular muscles can help in naturally softening unwanted lines and wrinkles without making your face expressionless
Currae offers the best & the most trusted Cosmetic Surgery facilities for new borns & pre-maturely born babies, twins & triplets
Still unsure about why your doctor has advised cosmetology? Here are commonest reasons doctors recommend cosmetology
To treat congenital or birth defects
Cosmetology is sometimes the only way to reverse certain congenital conditions or birth defects like moles and acne
To treat scars resulting from trauma
Cosmetology is the only way to hide ugly scars resultant from accident and trauma or in cases like acid attacks
To reverse skin and hair complications
Cosmetology can also be read as a range of effective non-surgical procedures for skin rejuvenation (like peeling, tightening and glow), acne treatment, help hydration, reduce excessive sweating, deep lines, scars and under-eye pits, enhance the quality of hair, de-pigmentation
To enhance beauty
Cosmetology also helps to enhance beauty through procedures like semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing and nips and tucks to make your skin look more sculpted and make you more confident

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