Cervical Cerclage

Cervical Cerclage | Gynaecology | Mumbai, India
Cervical cerclage or stitching refers to suturing cervical weakness, strengthening the cervix and reign in muscle maladjustments that commonly occur during pregnancies.
As is common for all surgical procedures, there are a lot of myths surrounding this extremely common medical procedure too. Some are
Cervical Cerclage affects the foetus
Absolutely not! It helps the foetus to achieve that increasingly elusive thing, optimal full term (9 months’ growth) and avoids the associated premature birthing complications. On the other hand, it is designed to comfort you over a long gestation and aid your foetus’ growth and development
Cerclages are painful
Cerclages are never painful, more so if the suturing was done via the vagina. Ladies who opted for vaginal stitches haven’t reported any pain. It is actually a simple and short OPD procedure. Also, ladies who opt for abdominal stitches are recommended a C-section
Cerclages are life-long
Wrong! On the contrary, in order to weed out any imaginary, vague or potential chances of complication, they are extracted generally at about 37 weeks as a vast majority of ladies go into labour post the suggested time. So, relax you’ll not take the sutures to your grave
If you have undergone a cervical cerclage, you’ll need one to get one again for future pregnancies
No, this is not an universal truth. Nevertheless, a majority of the gynaecologist prefer cervical cerclages only as a minor preventive measure just in case your erstwhile pregnancies had it
Cervical Cerclage | Gynaecologist | Mumbai, India
When is a gynaecologist most likely to recommend one to undergo a cervical cerclage?
Cervical cerclages are very common preventive surgeries that are generally recommended in conditions when the woman who is carrying has one of the following bodily malfunctions
Ladies with a weak cervix

For ladies who are diagnosed with a weak cervix, cerclage is usually a very potent precautionary measure

Ladies who have a history of miscarriage

It is performed as a physically hope-enhancing procedure on women who have a history of miscarriage, be it single or multiple, thanks to an aberrantly formed uterus or cervical impairment

Ladies who’ve had an erstwhile second-trimester abortion

In the highly common scenario when the foetus stops breathing after the second-trimester

For ladies who are speculated to deliver with few or no contractions at all

Contractions are a normal part of birth pangs but for women whom their gynaecologist deems a case of little or no contractions, cerclage enhances the chances of a painless birth

Don’t lose sleep over the mythical complications of Cervical Cerclage. It’s hardly worth your while.

You should immediately get one if your gynaecologist so desires. And, please get back to pampering your glowing self ASAP

A successful Cervical Cerclage

ensures that a majority of women with weak cervixes are strengthened
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