Root Canal – Endodontics

By the time you are searching for this article, your mind might have wandered to your childhood sweet memories of eating heart full of chocolates at the expense of being scolded by Mom for not carrying for your teeth. You are right! Chocolate itself does not damage teeth. Forgetting to brush the teeth every time after eating chocolates is to be blamed. Nevertheless, chocolates topped with poor oral hygiene lead to carries and you might land being advised root canal by your dentist.
What is root canal?
Root canal is a salvage procedure to repair and save a tooth with caries. Most common cause needing a root canal is pain in tooth due to caries, deep cavity and a broken tooth. Once your dentist suspects the need for a root canal, X-ray of your tooth will be taken to locate the decay. Under local anesthesia, diseased pulp is removed and empty space filled and sealed.
Who performs root canal?
Dentist who have specialised in Endodontology is called Endodontist. Endodont means inner tissue or pulp of tooth. Endodontist can determine if your tooth needs a root canal and skills to perform the procedure with best outcome with minimum discomfort.
Do I need a root canal?
Root canal is needed when either nerve or pulp of a tooth becomes infected. It can happen due to caries or a broken tooth. Tooth pain, most common symptom of infected tooth is also most common symptom indicating the need for a root canal. Patient may feel pain intermittently or prolonged. Sometimes tooth or gums may become inflamed leading to tender and swollen gums. After examining the tooth, your dentist will examine and take X-ray of the tooth. Then Endodontist will determine the need and perform the root canal. If the problem can be managed by an alternative procedure, Endodontist will recommend accordingly.
Why should I do a root canal?
An infected or inflamed tooth can lead to pus accumulation in pulp and under the tooth. The tooth may become loose and lead to more pain when you bite. Infection can spread to gums leading to swollen and tender gums, affecting cosmetic and eating abilities. It is wise to visit a dentist and if needed get root canal done in time to avoid complications.
Root Canal in Child
Deciduous tooth if infected can be removed, since it will get replaced with a permanent tooth. Occasionally a child with infection or caries in a permanent tooth may need root canal. The procedure is better performed by a Pedodontist. Since child may not cooperate for the procedure, it may be performed under general anesthesia. This needs dental hospital with complete backup of emergency support, facility for general anesthesia and full time anaesthetist.
Is it worth undergoing a pain?
Exaggeration in comedy movies might make you ask this question. In dental clinic with advanced techniques by a skilled dentist, it is no more painful that filling a cavity with a cement. Root canal relieves the pain, not cause it. Filling with cement can serve the purpose to close a cavity, but root canal is needed if there is tooth decay to eradicate the infection and relieve pain. You can go back to work immediately after the procedure.
Riddance Vs Repair
Bestowed with only 2 sets of teeth, permanent teeth have no natural replacement in humans. Hence salvaging a natural tooth is preferred to removing a damaged tooth and replacing with implants. Implants is costlier, time consuming and relatively more painful procedure that root canal.
Done with root canal! What next?

One to three visits to a dentist and you are done with root canal. Now you can start your childhood with chocolates again. Right? Wrong!!

Restored tooth and other teeth will accompany you for life if you take care of teeth and gums by twice daily brushing and good oral hygiene.

Don’t forget to brush your teeth every time you eat chocolate. Visit your dentist regularly for check up and cleaning. With improved techniques by skilled dentist and opting for well-equipped dental care centre like Currae, root canals have higher success rate with tooth being rejuvenated for life.

Happy eating!!

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