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Premarital counselling is therapeutic and intended to make couples prepare for marriage. It is a pre-nuptial ritual that is de rigueur in the West and slowly catching up in India.
However, since India has a longstanding tradition of arranged marriages in which couples hardly meet before marriage, and counselling requires them to meet for extended periods of time, it isn’t really encouraged in traditional Indian households. Also, since counselling has psychological connotations, it is viewed with suspicion. However, for premarital counselling to be truly effective, it is important that the couple approaches it with the right spirit by shedding all preconceived notions like
Counselling is for mentally unstable people
Wrong! In fact, premarital counselling is essentially a series of long-drawn tete-a-tetes and intimate conversations with a qualified counsellor, both individually, and as a couple. It is intended to help you approach your marriage in the right spirit so as to enhance its longevity
Counselling is only for fighting couples
No, premarital counselling isn’t the last resort of a couple whose relationship is crumbling. In fact, it is a common misunderstanding that couples go to a therapist only to iron out their differences. Quite on the contrary, it is done to empower the couple on the brink of matrimony by enabling them to understand each other better
Counselling is just a waste of time
Absolutely not. Premarital counselling sensitises the couple on real-life matters that come to the fore after the euphoria of wedding festivities has lulled. It assesses and counsels couples on matters like finances, beliefs and values, individual roles, sex, children and parenting, family relationships, decision-making, anger management and the time to be spent together and apart from each other
Counselling is very expensive
Wrong. In fact, premarital counselling is an exercise that helps couples understand each other better. It is an insurance against emotional trauma that can rock marriages when couples have unrealistic expectations from each other
Premarital Counseling | Mumbai, India
Sound premarital counselling is the bedrock of a long and successful marriage. Typically, premarital counselling sessions include both couple and one-on-one conversations with the therapist. These conversations happen after the couple has written down their responses to a set of survey-like questions which are intended to check their emotional compatibility and general attitude towards life

Did you know?

The toughest part of premarital counselling in India is finding a good therapist who is not only a qualified practitioner but also has the licence to practise

Even today Indians are hesitant to opt for premarital counselling as they equate counsellors with shrinks and shy away from them. This is because there’s a lot of social stigma attached to mental illness

There’s absolutely nothing to hide or even embark on a guilt trip if you are told to go in for a premarital counselling session

Sound premarital counselling,

is absolutely recommended for successful marriages
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