Pre-conception counselling

Once you have consummated your marriage and decided that the time is opportune to extend your family, you would do very well to go in for pre-conception counselling.
It is an invaluable baby step that trains you on better parenthood and charts the entire course from pre-conception through conception to extend right up to birthing and parenthood
Pre-conception counselling is mandatorily advised
especially so if the couple is a first time parents-to-be as it’s good to thoroughly know and take good care of of bodies (both your own and that of your waiting-in-the-wings baby) on the verge of pregnancy
The ultimate goal of a carefully thought-through pre-conception care regimen
is to detect the minutest risks that might raise its ugly head during gestation and address any medical conditions that might act as hurdles on the road to impregnation
Rather than induce fear, pre-conception counselling sessions
will tell you more about your body, that mighty and irreplaceable edifice that’s about to embark on one of the best phases of its mortal existence. The gynaecologist will tell you how to go about being at the pink of your health – both physically and emotionally – before you plunge heart and soul into pregnancy
What actually happens at a pre-conception counselling session
is that the couple and the gynaecologist have an intimately confidential and endearing tête-à-tête about the couple’s individual medical, surgical and reproductive history, medications (including herbal and alternative therapies like pilates and yoga), diet and sexual habits, family health histories, home and office culture, exercise regimen etc.
Based on the pre-conception discussion, veritably the entire pre-conception counselling
the gynaecologist will
Advise prenatal vitamins

like a folic acid supplement intended to cure birth defects

Pre-conception counselling sessions also entail a thorough physical exam

in order to examine each bodily part – heart, lungs, breasts, thyroid, and abdomen, pelvic exams, pap smear etc.

Pre-conception counselling sessions include a battery of lab tests

intended to screen medical conditions like rubella, hepatitis, HIV, syphilis, chart menstrual cycles so as to pin-point ovulation determine the time when you are most likely to get pregnant, check vaccinations and ingest booster doses and so on and so forth

Pre-conception counselling sessions also include genetic counselling

which enables the couple to interpret their chances of having a child with birth defects but this is especially advised for older couples and those with a family histories of genetic problems, birth defects, or mental illnesses

So, before the bulge of joy stacks up in your belly for a blissful 9 months, ensure that you have extended and fruitful, nay mandatory pre-conception counselling sessions with full gusto

Sound pre-conception counselling

has helped a lot of couples avoid common pregnancy-induced complications
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