Post Natal Shape-up Session

Postnatal Shape-up Session Mumbai, India
If you are struggling to burn all that gestation flab to and reclaim your pre-pregnancy fab body
complete with that washboard abdomen and toned body, a postnatal shape up session is what you should immediately dive into
Before you embark on any postnatal shape-up regimen,
you would certainly need to consult your gynaecologist and coterie of health counsellors so as to embark on a well tailored programme fit for the demands of new motherhood and compatible to your body in addition to eliminating any concerns that your child is liable to encounter
Please remember that merely embarking on a postnatal shape-up session,
doesn’t guarantee overnight results. Our body is entitled to take its own sweet time to get back to pre-conception shape and straining sometimes makes it get stubborn and irritable, especially if the delivery was through a C-section
Postnatal shape-up sessions aren’t just skin-deep,
in fact, they are as much emotionally beneficial in working as confidence boosters and attract complimentary tags like ‘yummy mummy’ et al. Also, they are mandatorily recommended by each gynaecological practitioner as they bring in their wake an entire platter of health benefits
And the good news is that even if your delivery involved an episiotomy
or a cut intended to widen the opening during birthing or perineal ruptures, pelvic floor exercises can speed-up recovery
Postnatal Shape-up Session | Birthing Hospitals | Mumbai, India
The general guidelines in any postnatal shape-up session include, but are not limited to, Keeping the lower back flat
as it is the ideal and primary position to commence postnatal shape-up exercise sessions. However, please ensure that the lower back mustn’t flex or move
In the second stage, opt for a tummy exercise

Only after the opening in the abdominal muscles has closed can one progress to a more rigorous exercise ritual

For training the lower abdominal muscles,

one must be thoroughly convinced that the abdominal muscles have cured prior to which only the gentle tummy exercise is recommended

Exercises involving pelvic floor muscles

that could be weakened consequent to childbirth, are extremely important to eliminate old-age problems like incontinence

You would also do very well to remember that

your joints and ligaments are likely to be loose for about three months post delivery. Thus, high voltage exercises or sports involving rapid movements, as also robust stretching must be summarily avoided. Adopt an exercise regime that includes brisk walking, swimming, aqua-aerobics, yoga, pilates, low-impact aerobic workouts, light weight training, cycling etc.

So, what’s stopping you from hopping on to the ever-swelling bandwagon of yummy mummies? Gift yourself a postnatal shape-up session now

A well-structured postnatal shape-up session

is as much recommended for physiological as for aesthetic purposes
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