Painless Delivery (with Anesthesia)

Painless Delivery India | Anesthesia for Labor and Delivery Thane and Mumbai
In the land of the Kamasutra, the much-loved treatise on lovemaking, it is said that Nature has attached a lot of pleasure to lovemaking precisely to counter the immense pangs of childbirth.
Surprisingly, even as we are well into the second decade of the twenty-first century, the myths surrounding pain during childbirth continue to float around with gay abandon. Sample this
Pain is intrinsic to childbirth
No, it definitely isn’t given the immense advancements in medical science. And the ‘return to nature’ bandwagon everyone seems keen to hop on to. In epidurals, its either analgesia (pain relief) or anaesthesia (total numbness for caesarean births) that are most commonly used to relieve the mother-to-be’s birth pang anxiety that often translates into a pseudo-imagined pain, something that is more psychological than physical
Opting for epidural makes me a bad mother
Absolutely not! Truth is, every birth, save maybe the rare home/emergency deliveries, every delivery uses some form of pain relief, be it analgesic or anaesthetic in nature. So, go right ahead and plan that epidural. No lady deserves pain, least of all you!
An epidural will affect the infant
Most certainly not. Humongous medical research has conclusively proved that epidurals don’t negatively affect newborns
Anyone can have an epidural
Not all ladies are good candidates. For instance, ladies with low BP, bleeding disorders, blood infections, skin infections in the lower back, allergic to anaesthetics and ladies who’re under some medications are not recommended epidurals
An epidural is just one procedure
In fact, there are epidurals and there are epidurals. Every birthing is unique like every expecting lady. So, there are many epidurals and permutations and combinations that your gynaec will tell you about before you give it a final nod
Painless Delivery in Thane | Painless Delivery in Mumbai, India
Did you know?

Epidural anaesthesia is administered in two ways – single shot epidural where the gynaec injects on the lady’s back (in the cervical, lumbar or thoracic part) or alternatively an epidural catheter wherein a fine bore tube is inserted into the epidural space to continuously or intermittently deposit medicine

Nailing the epidural space is the trickiest part since neither puncturing or staying outside the dura will do

Sterile aseptic precautions are mandatory for epidurals

Obstetrical anaesthesia involves both the mother and the foetus. Hence, its important that both individuals’ conditions are accounted for before zeroing in on your anaesthesia

Also, you’d do well to remember that labour is unpredictable and everyone has her own pain-management mechanism in place. So, what’re you waiting for? Go right ahead and plan out the nitty-gritties with your gynaec and anaesthesiologist

After Painless Delivery (with Anesthesia)

With your made-to-order epidural, participate fearlessly in the drama of creation. Chin up and God bless!
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Dr. Shilpa Patil explains Epidural Analgesia (Painless Delivery).

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