Paediatric Surgery

Best Paediatric Surgery in India Currae Birthing Hospital
Paediatric surgery, a surgical sub-speciality concerned with the surgery of children, has saved many tender lives.
It is commonly used in birthing hospitals to correct birth defects like squints, clefts etc. As is common to all surgical procedures, there are a lot of myths around paediatric surgery too. Some of them are
MYTH: Paediatric surgeries don’t cure
FACT: Wrong. Paediatric surgeries are indeed curative and restorative. In fact, they are the only way to reverse a whole range of birth defects like structural (in which a part of the baby’s body is missing or deformed) to cardiovascular complications and others like spina bifida, cleft palate, clubfoot and congenital dislocated hips. Apart from the obvious physical & cosmetic benefits (like treating clefts and squints), paediatric surgeries also have immense psychological benefits because they save your child from a lot of stress due to bulling later on in life
MYTH: Paediatric surgeries don’t last
FACT: No. On the contrary, these surgeries heal and treat potentially life-threatening complications. They are life-affirming in that they excise a lot of conditions that could turn chronic and irreversible if postponed to a later stage
MYTH: Paediatric surgeries are very invasive
FACT:No. There are a range of minimally invasive surgical procedures to ensure that your child’s delicate organs and tissues do not have to undergo major cuts and tears. Procedures like LASIK and Minimal Access Surgery are widely used in paediatric surgery
MYTH: Newborns are too delicate to be operated upon
FACT: Wrong. While your anxiety before your child’s operation is understandable, Paediatric surgeons are specially and thoroughly trained surgeons who proceed to surgery only after complete diagnosis. Moreover, they provide thorough post-operative care too
Best Paediatric Surgery in India Currae Birthing Hospital
Here’s a look at the most common conditions that necessitate a paediatric surgery for newborns
Problems in the vital organs
Paediatric surgery is the best way to deal with babies who have problems in one or more of their organs. For instance, it is essential for babies with respiratory and other complications, Lymphangioma (malfunctions of the lymphatic system)
Cosmetic problems
Paediatric surgery is also the life saviour to babies with congenital malformations like cleft lip and palate, undescended testes, squints and the like. It is important to treat these problems soon after birth as kids with visible deformities tend to get ridiculed a lot in later life and may develop complex psychological issues later
Other complications
Paediatric surgery is also recommended for normal babies who have unfortunately been in trauma situations or accidents that have caused a lot of damage to their vital organs

Paediatric surgeries are life-saving

They can be very crucial for your child’s well-being in the long run!
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