Obstetric Critical Care Units

Best OCCU in India Currae Birthing Hospital
Maternal morbidity and mortality continue to occur despite the vast advances in medical science.
Obstetric Critical Care Units (OCCUs) are medical units that specialise in treating gestational complications that are complex and potentially life-threatening. However, since they are associated with complicated pregnancies, there are a lot of myths surrounding OCCU procedures that can deter treatment. Some of them are
OCCUs are referred randomly
No. In fact, your doctor will try all the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, including second opinions, before recommending admission into an OCCU. They are especially useful for the timely detection of maternal problems and referral to tertiary centres so as to minimise the chances of multiple organ failure and mortality in critically ill obstetric patients
OCCU procedures are very expensive
No. As an specialised medical and surgical intervention that potentially reduces a lot of pain, and is in fact life-saving, the cost of OCCU procedures really works out to be reasonable
OCCUs result in still births
No. In fact, it is a myth that OCCUs are purely mother-focused. In fact, they are life-focused and attempt to reduce both maternal morbidity and mortality as well as still births
Best OCCU in India Currae Birthing Hospital
If you’re still anxious over your recommended OCCU, knowing who is most likely to be recommended an OCCU procedure might help. Read on to find out
Monitoring high-risk pregnancies
OCCUs are the best diagnostic and therapeutic route for complicated pregnancies in women over 35 years old or with complications like respiratory problems
Post-trauma care
OCCUs are also recommended for cases like trauma and accidents where chances of maternal morbidity and mortality are doubled
Other complications
Multiple pregnancies, development of fibroids and other internal complications in the mother may also warrant the specialised care of an OCCU

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Dr Shailendra Jadhav explains about Obstetric Critical Care Unit.

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