LSCS or Caesarean Section

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A Caesarean section is a surgery where a transverse incision is made just above the bladder and through uterus to deliver the baby. Doctors also call it C-section, LSCS or just a section.
Caesarean is always an Emergency option
Wrong. Some Caesareans are Elective which are planned during pregnancy, and others are done in Emergency. If you need Elective Caesarean, your Obstetrician at Currae will give you all the information necessary to help you take a decision.
When is planned Caesarean advised?
  • Placenta Praevia: Placenta extending over cervix, making it difficult for baby to be born naturally
  • Breech Position: Baby is not lying head down
  • If your cervix did not open properly
  • If baby is too big or in the wrong position to fit through your pelvis
  • You prefer Caesarean over normal labour
Emergency Caesarean
Your obstetrician at Currae supports normal labour and will advise you to go for Emergency Caesarean only when your baby needs to be born quickly and it is not safe to wait until you have normal labour or when you are exhausted. It cannot be foreseen beforehand who might need Caesarean section. Hence it is imperative to select a birthing center equipped with all facilities.
Caesarean Section can be done at any birthing hospital
No. For the best outcome after Caesaren section, a Hospital equipped with OCCU (Obstetric Critical Care Unit) and NICU ( Neonatal Care Unit), fully equipped Operation Theatre, Pathology, USG, pharmacy is required. At Currae, each pregnant mother is managed in OCCU by dedicated team of experienced Obstetricians, Neonatologists, Anesthetists, Pain Specialist, who work round the clock to manage each delivery, either normal labour or Caesarean to give you the joy of motherhood. Baby might need intervention by expert Neonatologist at any time and time is crucial.
Caesarean section needs General Anesthesia
Not necessary. General anesthesia makes you unconscious and has its risks. You can opt for epidural or spinal anesthesia, wherein you do not feel pain from your waist down and allow you to be awake to see your baby as soon as he or she is born.
After Caesarean, baby will be kept in NICU away from me
Not at all. At Currae, we support ‘baby friendly’ environment. If you have opted for Epidural Anesthesia, you will be delighted by the sight of your baby as soon as he or she is born and take her in your arms. Normally you should be able to experience the bliss of motherhood by feeding your baby soon. Your baby will stay with you unless it has difficulty breathing, has very low weight or born prematurely. In such cases, your baby might need to be shifted to NICU. You can visit NICU whenever you wish to see or feed your baby.
After first Caesarean, I will need second Caesarean
Not necessary. You can opt for normal labour, if the reason for first Caesarean is not present during second child birth. Owing to maternal and neonatal benefits of normal labour, your Obstetrician at Currae Birthing Hospital will offer you normal labour as first choice, unless contraindicated or not accepted by you.
Caesarean will need longer hospitalization
You should be able to take your joy home in 3-5 days once you are mobile and able to care for your baby. Child birth by normal labour or Caesarean needs time to recover at home. Take help from husband, family or friend for your household work, assisting you in baby care and for emotional support. You have become mother now. Continue enjoying it.
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Did you know?

You can undergo Caesarean section under Epidural Anesthesia, avoiding the need for General Anesthesia. You will not feel the pain, allowing you to be awake for welcoming the baby.

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