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Best Diet & Nutrition in India Currae Birthing Hospital
Our diet and nutritional needs vary at different stages of our life.
For instance, the needs of a lactating mother are quite different from a teenager or a sportswoman. However, since diet and nutrition are not only necessary but also differ across cultures and geographies, there are a lot of myths related to it. Some of them are
One diet fits all
No. Every individual is unique, has different metabolism and reacts differently to food and nutrition due to factors like heredity and so on. Hence, when it comes to dietary and nutritional needs, the ‘one diet fits all’ formula is never true
Sugar causes diabetes
No. If you aren’t diabetic already, mere sugar intake will not make you develop diabetes. Calorie-laden diets, sedentary lifestyles and obesity are the major risk factors for type 2 diabetes
All fats are bad
Wrong. Fat is necessary for you and helps in nutrient absorption, nerve transmission and maintenance of cell membranes. The trick lies in substituting saturated and trans fats with polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats
Pregnant women must eat twice as much
No. In fact, pregnant women must increase their caloric intake only as advised by their gynaecologists as they progress with their pregnancy
Best Diet & Nutrition in India Currae Birthing Hospital
Still confused about your dietary and nutritional needs? Read on to fix a diet suited to your age, profession and special condition
Pregnant women
During pregnancy, you must eat an adequate and nutritious diet that is spaced out throughout the day. You will gain weight but not even obese women should follow a weight-loss diet during pregnancy. Apart from these, you mustn’t smoke, consume alcohol or drugs as these may hinder the development of the foetus
Lactating mothers
The dietary and nutritional needs of a lactating mother are quite different from a pregnant lady. Primarily, new moms need lots of energy-giving foods to manage the demands of their newborn. Protein-rich foods like fish and pulses and low-fat dairy products as well as iron-storehouses like leafy greens are a must. Also, you mustn’t attempt to lose all that pregnancy weight too fast
Obese and underweight people
Diets have a direct influence on your weight. Burt there are also hereditary and bodily factors like metabolism that affect your weight. While it helps if obese people stay away from processed sugars, those looking to gain weight must consume lots of protein as it helps build muscle mass
The dietary and nutritional needs of people also differ according to the hormonal changes that occur at different phases of life (like the onset of puberty or PMS). Also, diets must be tailored to meet the demands of your profession. Again, a person under therapy (like chemo) needs to have a bespoke diet that will help her heal faster

Everyone’s dietary and nutritional needs are unique

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