Squint & Paediatric Ophthalmology Services

squint eye treatment in Kolkata | pediatric ophthalmology in kolkata
A lot of Bollywood potboilers have heavily caricatured one of the commonest eye conditions, squints.
Squints occur in a huge number of people but thanks to corrective surgical procedures, they aren’t exactly fodder for laughter and hush-hush chuckles. Myths surrounding squints are almost always in the jocular vein
It is not harmful to watch a welder or look at the sun if you squint or look through narrowed eyelids
People with squints too receive ultraviolet light which is damaging for the cornea, lens and retina. One mustn’t ever see welding without proper protection. And never directly view a solar eclipse
Children outgrow crossed eyes
No, it isn’t a teething problem. Infants’ eyes are said to sometimes wander till they are about 6 months old. Hit the alarm bell if you sense even a hint of crossing as untreated crosses can progress to amblyopia or lazy eye, both resulting in blindness
Eyes are removed from the head during surgery
It’s totally fabricated. The eyes are never separated from the head or orbit during surgery. It is in fact a microscopic surgical method of changing the place and tension of the eye muscles
Wearing a patch is better and cheaper than surgery
While one might opt for a patch to obviate double vision, patches are often used for children to treat amblyopia (abnormal visual development). Having said that, patches aren’t a long-term solution for misaligned eyes
Surgery does not last
False. There are millions of cases where surgically aligned eyes have improved binocular vision. However, the duration of realignment is dependent on several factors like ability to fuse, other medical conditions and the body’s response to surgery
squint eye treatment in Kolkata | pediatric ophthalmology in kolkata
Good to know
Complicated invasive surgeries

Aren’t the best option always. Rather, Currae’s specialists recommend it only after glasses have failed and complications are such that conservative measures don’t alleviate conditions

Paediatric Ophthalmology

This is a dedicated super speciality practice which deals with all children’s ocular disorders like refractive errors, squint, amblyopia, allergic eye diseases

On squints

Squints aren’t merely a cosmetic issue. Truth be told, if not arrested on time, can lead to progressive and permanent deterioration of vision

On refractive error

Refractive error, need for spectacles, is the most important cause of vision impairment in children; if therapies are delayed, it might end up in permanent vision deficiency

Preventing blindness

Premature children are more prone to Retinopathy of pre-maturity (ROP) which may lead to permanent blindness

With Paediatric Ophthalmology Surgeries

Prevention of blindness among children can be taken in a more organised & scientific manner
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