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Vitreous and Retina Services | Eye Care Hospitals | Mumbai, India
Louis Braille is the iconic name that every ophthalmologist looks up to.
For, the good man gave empathetic hope to legions of sight-denied people. Yet, Braille still isn’t the bastion of every sightless person for insanely peculiar reasons ranging from ostracism to financial. And ignorance breeds cock and bull stories like the following
Retinal ills aren’t a fairly common cause of blindness
On the contrary, they are the commonest cause of childhood blindness across the world a vast majority of which are at different stages of retinopathy of prematurity, which is preventable and responds to treatment if caught at an amateur stage
Precious little can be done to arrest Retinal ills
This is a figment of somebody’s imagination as people have seen huge benefits from high-fidelity diagnosis, with elaborate intellection and clear prospecting, using low vision aids and counselling. Even in rare cases where only one eye responds to therapy, prevention in the second eye is possible. Diabetics are more susceptible to retinal diseases and when people aren’t in the know-how of their diabetes, diagnosis of retinal ills becomes murkier
How to manage retinal ills | Eye Care Hospitals | Mumbai, India
How to manage retinal ills
Timely diagnosis

This is the key. As a rule of thumb, unlike the New Year resolutions we all flamboyantly flout, we must make it an annual ritual to step into Currae Eyecare if you are under 40 and twice a year post 40

Selection of treatment

There are myriad treatments for retinal ills, ranging from eye drops to common surgical procedures like Intravitreal Injections used to arrest ‘wet’ age-related macular degeneration whereby there’s abnormal blood vessel multiplication underneath the retina

Retinal lasers

Retinal lasers are used to treat conditions like Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinal Vein Occlusions, Age- related macular degeneration, Ocular Histoplasmosis, Retinal Breaks and Detachments, Central Serous Chorioetinopathy and Ocular Tumors

Vitreoretinal surgery

Vitreoretinal surgery refers to a set of procedures carried out in the eye’s interiors either with conventional invasive surgical equipment or lasers. This delicate surgery is performed at the junction of vitreous and retina. They are renowned as restorative, preservative and vision enhancing for a number of eye states like age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic vitreous hemorrhage, macular hole, detached retina, epiretinal membrane and CMV retinitis

Vitreous and Retinal Surgeries are quick & hassle free

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After Vitreous & Retinal Surgeries

People experience an increase in quality of life as they become more mobile & independent
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