Neuro Ophthalmology Services

Neuro Ophthalmology Services | Eye Care Hospitals | Mumbai, India
Even as you go about the humdrum chores of daily life, somebody somewhere is swooning over the twinkle in your eyes.
And, for your own sake too, it’s important, nay necessary that you take care of your own pair of eyes for, you only live once isn’t it?
Reading in poor light hurts
This is pure fiction. In the pre-electricity world, most nocturnal reading and other work was done over dim candle or gas lights. No eyeballs were hurt then, highly unlikely it will hurt now
Burying your nose in a book or sitting too close to the TV harms
The vast majority of us like to focus at work. So such behaviour is very common among bibliophiles and couch potatoes and doesn’t cause or worsen near-sightedness or any other eye issue
Using the eyes too much tires them
Just like we’ll not lose our olfactory senses by smelling too much, or auditory ones by hearing too much, God made the eyes for seeing and we won’t lose sight by using them for their right bodily use
Glasses impair vision-related
No, they most certainly do not. Glasses determine how light is perceived by our eyes. Nothing more, nothing less. At best, wrong glasses might induce headache
’20/20′ vision means perfect eyes
’20/20′ denotes a person with superior central vision which doesn’t negate other kinds of blurring like side vision, night vision, or colour vision
Neuro Ophthalmology Services | Mumbai, India
Did someone tell you?
For children & infants

Using night lights in an infant’s room might help her learn to focus and aid eye coordination skills

Be careful

It’s not safe to swim while wearing contacts. Possibly blinding infections can be contracted by swimming or even using a hot tub while wearing contacts

Eye care is age agnostic

Please be fanatic about regular, all-encompassing visits to Currae’s renowned ophthalmologists every once in a couple of years. Increase frequencies as you add on years

Colour blindness

Like many other, this problem too is gender insensitive though men are more at risk

With Neuro Ophthalmology Surgeries

People can get their vision problems managed in a manner that helps them take more informed decision
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Dipanjan Sen
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Paulomi & Dwaipayan
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Vivek Mukherjee
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