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Laser (LASIK) Services | Eye Care Hospitals | Mumbai, India
Laser technology – technically known as lasik – has always fascinated mankind.
And as it is being used as a surgical tool since quite a while now, there are a lot of myths and half-truths floating around regarding it, especially Lasik eye surgery. Sample this
Lasik surgery is blinding
Cataract surgery is amongst the safest and most faultless surgical procedures with a 95% success rateCompletely false! Lasik is not only a non intrusive surgical procedure, it affects just the eye’s front surface. Nobody has ever gone blind by having Lasik surgery
Lasik is painful
Anaesthesia is used for comfort. The entire surgery for both the eyes takes very little time too. It is more or less a painless surgery
Lasik cures only nearsightedness; not astigmatism or farsightedness
False, Lasik surgery comforts almost all common refractive errors. For severe refractive errors, other surgical procedures may be advised
Lasik surgery makes you bid adieu to spectacles or contacts
While it’s true that Lasik corrects common vision ailments, it cannot arrest ageing and the accompanying wear and tear, trauma etc. One might still need glasses for specific day parts like extreme afternoon or activities such as driving or reading
Lasik Surgery | Eye Care Clinic | Mumbai, India
Did you know that Lasik is an abbreviation for laser in-situ keratomileusis?
The following are some of the surgeries that are broadly categorised as Lasik surgery
PRK (photorefractive keratectomy)

This is the commonest Lasik surgery used to comfort mild far-sightedness, near-sightedness and/or astigmatism. LASEK (laser epithelial keratomileusis) is slightly different from PRK

RLE (refractive lens exchange/lens extraction)

This is similar to cataract surgery and entails a minute incision at the cornea’s edge to extract the natural eye lens and supplant a silicone or plastic one EpiLasik involves extracting a thin layer from near the cornea before reshaping it

PRELEX (presbyopic lens exchange)

This involves supplanting a multifocal lens to comfort presbyopia, where one loses eye flexibility

Intacs (intracorneal ring segments/ICR)

This involves a minute incision in the cornea to supplant two crescent plastic rings at the cornea’s outer edge in order to flatten the cornea

AK or RLI (astigmatic keratotomy)

This isn’t laser eye surgery, but a merely a surgical method used to correct astigmatism

Laser (LASIK) Services is quick & hassle free

  • 45
    Medical Check Ups
  • 30
    Approximate Surgery Time
  • 2
    Hospital Stay & Recovery
  • 1
    home care
    Rest & Recovery Time

After Laser (LASIK) Services

Give your vision the mystical lift of LASIK and open up an entirely new and different way of looking at the world
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