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We all are the apples of someone’s eyes. Much the same way, we have a set of people who are our very own eye candies.
Glaucoma, being gregarious in nature, comes with its own set of myths and semi-truths
You’ll have high eye pressure only if you’ve high blood pressure
No, they are no conjoined twins or joined together at the hip even
Glaucoma is hereditary
Some definitely are but absence of a family history doesn’t mean one’s risk free
Glaucoma is not curable
In fact, it is administrable but needs ongoing care and supervision. Early detection and tending reduces risks
Self-diagnosis of peripheral vision can identify glaucoma
It is well-nigh impossible to test the state of vision without the paraphernalia of an ophthalmologist’s clinic
20/20 vision isn’t a cause of glaucoma
People with accurate sight could have or germinate glaucoma since it generally impacts peripheral visual sense at the very outset and central vision last
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Surgeries to arrest Glaucoma

Laser Surgery: This quarter-of-an-hour surgery is painless and performed at private clinics and OPDs

Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty (ALT): This method is deigned to alleviate risk of increased post-surgical pressure. One of the best-loved surgical procedures, ALT has successfully decreased eye pressure in up to 75% people

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) is a newer procedure which employs very low levels of energy. It is designated ‘selective’ as it leaves behind parts of one’s trabecular meshwork as it is

Laser Peripheral Iridotomy (LPI) is the favoured method for managing a wide range of angle-closure glaucomas that are laced with some amount of pupillary jam. It’s mostly used to cure an anatomically narrow angle and forestall angle-closure glaucoma

Cycloblation treatments are generally resorted to for eyes that haven’t responded to more conventional treatments, including filtering surgery, or those rare cases in which filtering surgery is impossible

Trabeculectomy is resorted to when medications and laser therapies have failed to arrest eye pressure

Drainage Implant Surgery is recommended for patients whose IOP cannot be contained with conventional surgery or who have past scarring

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Glaucoma Surgery is quick & hassle free

  • 45
    Medical Check Ups
  • 45
    Approximate Surgery Time
  • 2
    Hospital Stay & Recovery
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    home care
    Rest & Recovery Time

After Glaucoma Surgery

People experience a major improvement in quality of life because of the vision correction and better mobility & independence
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