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Keratoplasty, being associated with the eyes, one of the oft-romanticised organs of the body, has its fair share of myths to contend with
Keratoplasty surgery is unsafe
Cornea grafts are the most successful tissue transplants. (Need some statistical data on the number of surgeries performed in worldwide every year and their success rates)
Vision improves immediately after surgery
Vision does not improve overnight but takes some time ranging from a few weeks to a few months
It’s ok to discontinue eye-drops after surgery
No, there are good chances of cornea transplant rejection which can be reversed in 90% cases if noticed early
Keratoplasty surgeries don’t last long
This is a figment of somebody’s imagination. Conclusive research at American labs has evidenced that new cornea lasts for at least a decade in a whopping 89% people with keratoconus, 73% people with Fuch’s dystrophy and up to 70% people with corneal scarring
Cornea Keratoplasty Services | Eye Care Hospitals | Mumbai, India
When is your doctor most likely to recommend Keratoplasty?
Vision correcting equipments have failed

If spectacles or contact lenses fail to restore functional vision or if painful swelling doesn’t subside through medications or special contacts

Infections & scarring

In the common case of corneal failure from infections such as eye herpesor fungal keratitis or in the event of scarring from trichiasis, when eyelashes grow inwardly and irritate the cornea

Other diseases & trauma

Hereditary conditions such as Fuchs’ dystrophy, eye diseases such as advanced keratoconus – retreating of the cornea and jagged corneal shape or chemical burns or trauma damage, graft rejection pursuant to an earlier corneal transplant

Cornea (Keratoplasty) Services are quick & hassle free

  • 30
    Medical Check Ups
  • 45
    Approximate Surgery Time
  • 2
    Hospital Stay & Recovery
  • 1
    home care
    Rest & Recovery Time

After Keratoplasty

People enjoy an improved quality of life because of an improved vision, greater mobility & independence
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