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Cataract Surgery in Kolkata | Cataract Surgery in India
Seeing, it is rightly said, is believing.
Yet, when your windows to the world, the eyes contract Cataract, there’s a very fine film that negotiates the territory between fact and fiction some of which are
Cataract surgery is dangerous
Cataract surgery is amongst the safest and most faultless surgical procedures with a 95% success rate
It can take donkeys years to recover
Absolutely untrue. You should be back to watching your favourite TV show the very next day, which is after your patch is removed
Only elderly people develop cataract
Though it generally is age-induced, cataracts can affect younger people too where they latch on to diabetes, oral pills, other eye problems and rarely even by birth (congenital cataracts)
Cataracts can be removed with lasers
No, just like it is absolutely false that cataracts grow on the eye’s surface, they do not respond to lasers
Cataracts become worse with strains like reading and sewing
You won’t induce a cataract, or worsen an existing one by straining your eyes through reading and knitting
Cataract Treatment Kolkata | Cataract Treatment India
When does your surgeon schedule a cataract surgery?
More light becomes necessary

When you need more light to do commonplace tasks such as knitting and sewing

When glaring lights become excruciatingly irritating and painful

Vision problems

One fails a vision test needed to obtain a driver’s license because of affliction with double vision or when one notices a huge difference in vision between the eyes

Other vision complications

When one has another vision-threatening eye disease, such as diabetic retinopathy or macular degeneration

Cataract Surgery is quick & hassle free

  • 45
    Medical Check Ups
  • 30
    Approximate Surgery Time
  • 2
    Hospital Stay & Recovery
  • 1
    home care
    Rest & Recovery Time

After Cataract Surgery

People enjoy an improved vision, experience increased mobility and find relief from the fear of going blind
“ My diabetic problems coupled with my age made me very anxious about undergoing a cataract surgery until I met the doctors at Currae.”
Dipanjan Sen
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Paulomi & Dwaipayan
“ I am a fan of Currae for extremely reliable pediatric eye care services. Every aspect of the experience from begining to the end is hasslefree. ”
Vivek Mukherjee
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