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Posterior Segment Surgery in Kolkata

Posterior Segment

Everything at the back of the eye lens is called the posterior segment. It consists of the vitreous body which is a jellylike substance that fills the interior of the eyeball behind the lens. The posterior segment is also called as the back two-thirds of the eye which includes the anterior hyaloid membrane and majority of the optical structures behind it: the vitreous humour, retina, choroid, and optic nerve etc.

The posterior pole or fundus is the visible portion of the posterior segment visible during surgery. Only a few ophthalmologists specialize in the treatment and management of posterior segment disorders and diseases. The retina along with optic nerve is essential to brain tissue. It is a nerve cell that transmits vision to the brain. When light falls on the retina, the message of vision is carried by the optic nerve to the brain.

Treatment of Posterior Segment

Patients at risk for retina diseases require frequent eye exams and a variety of imaging studies to assess for any signs of early damage. These diseases can only be treated with medication, laser treatment or surgery. Treatment helps in preventing further damage to the retina, and is now so advanced that some damage can even be reversed.

Optimal treatment of retina and vitreous disease is best done by retina specialist with access to specialized imaging and diagnostic equipment.

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