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Oculoplasty Surgery in Kolkata


Oculoplaty Surgery Mumbai

An oculoplastic procedure is a type of surgery done around the eyes. Oculoplastic surgery is also a general term used to represent a variety of procedures that involve the orbit, eyelids, tear ducts, and the face. Ocular reconstructive surgery, aesthetic eyelid surgery, facial plastic surgery, and cosmetic procedures fall into this category.

Oculoplastic procedures are done by ophthalmologists who have special training in reconstructive surgery. this procedure is done to correct a medical issue or for cosmetic reasons.

Oculoplasty Procedure

Ophthalmologist work in reconstructing the following: Eyelid, Eye sockets, Eye brows, Tear ducts, cheeks.

These procedure is used commonly for one of four commonly performed oculoplastic procedures such as:

  • Ptosis repair (correction of drooping upper or lower eyelid)
  • Ectropion repair (which corrects eyelids that turn outward)
  • Entropion repair (one which corrects eyelids that fold inward)
  • External dacryocystorhinostomy or DCR (which restores the flow of tears)
  • Eye problems caused by Graves’ disease
  • Skin cancers or other growths around the eyes
  • Weakness around the eyes or eyelids caused by Bell palsy
  • Tear duct problems or Injuries to the eye or eye area
  • Birth defects of the eyes or orbit. It is also used for cosmetic problems, such as excess upper lid skin, bulging lower lids, and fallen eyebrows

Before Surgery

The pre-surgery procedure includes a list of Do’s & Don’ts which a surgeon may give to his/ her patients to follow. It includes immediate stop of use of any medicine that may result in thinning of blood also a list of tests to be done before the surgery.

Patients who smoke are advised strictly to discontinue smoking for 2-3 weeks before and post-surgery to aid healing. The patient is advised to arrange for a ride before and after surgery as the patient will be unable to drive themselves to and back due to medications.

For most procedures, a patient may be able to go back home the same day after surgery while in rare cases may require an overnight stay under supervision of the surgeon. The surgery procedure may take place in a hospital or at an outpatient facility.

Depending on the surgery a patient might be given local anaesthesia (Numbs the area) or general anaesthesia (Puts the patient to sleep). During the procedure, the surgeon may place special contact lenses on the eyes. These lenses help protect the eyes and shield them from the bright lights of the surgical room.

Post Treatment

Oculoplaty Surgery Mumbai India

The recovery will depend purely on the condition and the type of surgery performed. The patient may have some pain, bruising, or swelling after surgery. Placing cold packs over the area to reduce swelling and bruising is advised after the treatment also one can protect their eyes and skin by wrapping the cold pack in a towel before applying it.

Activities that raise blood pressure are to be strictly avoided for about 3 weeks. This includes things such as exercise and lifting heavy objects. Your surgeon will advise you when it is safe to begin these activities again. Avoid alcohol for at least 1 week after surgery. Your surgeon can give you instructions for bathing and clean the area around the incision.

Prop the head up with a few pillows to sleep for about 1 week after surgery. This will help prevent swelling. A patient should see their surgeon for a follow-up visit within 7 days after your surgery. In case if patients have had stitches, they may have them removed after 5 to 7 days. Most people can return to work and social activities about 2 weeks after surgery.

The amount of time can vary, depending on the type of surgery a patient has undergone. The patient may notice increased tears, feeling more sensitive to light and wind, and blurring or double vision for the first few weeks.

In case of emergencies like severe pain even after taking pain, relievers or infections and vision getting worse day by day calling the surgeon or seeking medical help as soon as possible is advised.


Cost of Oculoplasty may vary from patient to patient depending on the severity of their condition and the urgency of treatment.

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