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ENT is a medical abbreviation for nose, ears and throat. ENT Treatment in India is a significant branch of medication. Ears, nose and throat are vital sensory organs with functions that are useful in day to day working. The ears aren’t solely linked to hearing, but it works in a proper combination that they form the perfect equilibrium. The nose has the most critical role as it works in a defensive mechanism of the human body and humidifying atmosphere to stop germs from entering into the body, and provides path for the air to get to the lungs. There can be the major cases of dysfunction in case of ear, nose, and throat problems. It’s always recommended to consult an ENT Specialties when you start facing issues related to ENT.


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Dr. Lokesh Bhama

Consultant - ENT Specialist

Dr. Lokesh Bhama is a Senior ENT Surgeon at Currae hospital, Thane. He has completed his education from India as well as in International Universities. He has done MBBS - Sardar Patel Medical College, 1999, Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO) - Pramukhswami Medical College, Karmsad, 2004, MS - ENT : Lugansk State Medical University, 2010 Dr. Lokesh Bhama is a co-author...

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Dr. R R Mandhani

Consultant - ENT Specialist

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Dr. Rahul kulkarni

Consultant - ENT Specialist

Dr. Rahul Kulkarni has done his MBBS from Grand medical College, Mumbai & his MS from LTMG, Sion Hospital. He had served the prestigious ENT association, Mumbai as president. This association is one of the oldest association in India formed in 1959. He had organized one of the most successful Conference named MumbaiCON'13. He had also served as a executive...

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Currae Doctor


1. What are the various processes in ENT?

Surgical and nonsurgical are performed depending on the intensity of the case. Below mentioned are several processes which are covered under the umbrella of ENT services: –
It is the method to remove the adenoids (little lumps of lymphoid tissue situated near the nasal cavity in which the nose combines together with the neck Tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure in which both palatine tonsils are removed.
• Myringotomy tube insertion
It’s one of the most commonly performed ear operations. In this myringotomy tube  is inserted to avoid recurrent diseases of  the ear. If any fluid is collected within the ear, the insertions are created to drain the fluid out in the middle ear to prevent hearing imbalance. The abnormality or crookedness of this septum could impair the ability to breathe. This process is done through the nasal openings and doesn’t need any external incision.
• Sinus operation
Sinus surgery is done to eliminate and congestion from the nasal area or to expand the nasal openings for drainage.
• Tracheotomy
This process is used in circumstances where patients’ respiratory capacity is severely diminished and air can’t reach the lungs. A little opening in made in the trachea to permit air  flow into the lungs.

2. Can the ENT surgeries change voice?

There are few operations that cause an unexpected effect on the voice. Some surgeries may have slight impact on the voice.

3. Will my insurance cover the price of this process?

Majority of the elective surgeries have been insured after two years of choosing the insurance coverage, nevertheless emergency procedures are usually insured from day one.

4. What will be the changes in my lifestyle post- operation?

There aren’t much lifestyle changes that occur post-surgery. But it is advisable by specialist of ENT services in Mumbai to have food on time, drinking plenty of water, prevent consumption of hot food, and steam inhalation after the surgery and also maintain a healthy lifestyle.

5. What are the conditions associated with ear, nose and throat?

The conditions associated with ear, nose and throat are listed below: –

– Nose & Mouth conditions
• Sinusitis
• Sinus Infection
• Deviated Septum
• Allergic Rhinitis
• Nasal Fracture
– Ear & Hearing Conditions
• Ear Drainage
• Age related hearing loss
• Deafness
• Tinnitus
• Sudden Hearing Loss
– Throat Conditions
• Tonsils and Adenoids
• Neck Cancer
• Thyroid Nodules

It is advisable to consult the specialist as and when you start to notice any of the above mentioned symptoms.

6. Is sinus surgery necessary?

Sinus surgery is recommended when complications of sinusitis occurs in the nasal passage.  Once sinusitis is diagnosed, the first step is to get it checked by an ENT specialist. If the inflammation hasn’t reduced within 3 months, it is considered chronic sinusitis. In this stage the  doctor might suggest to undergo a surgery in the sinus area. Hence, sinus surgery is not necessary in all cases unless the matter is severe.


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