Dr. Akash bagade

Dr. Akash Bagade

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General Surgery / Piles & haemorrhoids / Fissure & Fistula / Hernia


Thane – Specialty Hospital (Kapurbawdi)


Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri - 10am-2pm

Dr. Akash N Bagade - General Surgeon


Consultant - Proctologist


M.S (General Surgery) Dip. Proctology

Years Of Experience

6 Years

About Dr. Akash Bagade

Young and talented, Dr Akash N Bagade brightens up any room that he walks into. His vigour and optimism provide his patients with much-needed confidence to undergo treatment. Born and raised in Mumbai, Dr Akash radiates the spirit of the city through his persistence, hard work and boundless energy. He is especially skilled at treating Complex Fistula, a challenging condition for any surgeon to treat. His protracted training with Dr Porwal has ingrained in him the inclination to pay attention to the minutest details of patient care. With his charming persona, in-depth knowledge of Proctology and compassionate demeanour, Dr Akash Bagade is the surgeon that one hopes to encounter during a spell of ill health.

Awards and recognitions

Fellowship in ColoProctology ( London, Uk )
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