Dr. Aashish Arbat

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Orthopedic Tests & Screening in Thane / Arthritis Treatment & Screening / Arthroscopy / Elbow Replacement Surgery / Foot & Ankle Surgery / Hip Replacement Surgery & Treatment / Joint & Bone Care / Knee Replacement Surgery/Paediatric Orthopaedics


Thane – Specialty Hospital (Kapurbawdi)

Dr. Aashish Arbat - Joint Replacement & Arthroscopy Surgeon


Consultant - Joint Replacement & Arthroscopy Surgeon



Years Of Experience

14+ years

About Dr. Aashish Arbat

Dr. Aashish Arbat is one of the very few surgeons specialized for tissue preserving total knee replacement Surgery in India.
-Introducing tissue preserving (Subvastus Cruciate Retaining) Surgery – Leading to a patient’s early recovery.
-Computer Assisted TKR Surgery (CAS) - Navigation enabling precision of surgical cuts.
-Introducing Bone Conserving Total Knee Replacement Surgery – Preserving patient’s natural wealth.
-Facilitating High Flexion with stability - With approved implants giving a patient the freedom to pursue life.
-Accurate Size and Shape of Implants - Incorporating usage of ‘Tailor Made‘ implants according to Asian size and shape for precise and perfect and thus increasing longevity of implants.
-Usage of CoCr Tibial base plates - Enabling significant reduction in wear & tear rate.

-Life Member fo BIOS Faculty Teacher BOS
-Organizing Secretary Indian Arthroscopy Academy
-Indo American Arthroscopy Association
-Shoulder Program for Govt. of Scotland

Area of interest
-Shoulder Arthroscopy and replacement
-Knee, Hip, Ankle & Elbow Arthroscopy procedures
-Shoulder, Hip & Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

-Over 1500 successful surgeries performed
-Masters of Sports Science (USA)
-Fellow Joint Replacement (NY, USA)
-Fellowship in Adv. Knee Arthroscopy (Sing)
-Shoulder & Elbow Arthroscopy (Japan)

Awards and recognitions

  1. 1st prize at Post Graduates Quiz at The Newer Vistas in dermatology Conference at Armed Forces Medical College.
  2. Internationally Acclaimed Joint Replacement Surgeon with over a decade of experience entreating 3,000+ patients through advanced techniques for better & quick recovery.


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