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Gynecomastia is a condition of enlarged breasts in men that may arise at any stage of life. This condition mostly ensues as a result of hormonal changes, heredity, obesity or the side effect of certain drugs and medications. Male gynecomastia is a condition which affects more than fifty percent of the men, teenage boys and even older men.

Gynecomastia may not pose a threat to your health but definitely, it can give rise to certain emotional hitches. It has been reported that enlarged breasts may result in embarrassment, humiliation and that may even interfere with the quality of life. The male breast enlargement may give rise to such psychological impact that they might start avoiding intimate physical relationships.

Boys who are passing through their puberty may also experience enlarged breasts because of their hormonal imbalance in their body. Men have oestrogen and testosterone in their body, so the rise in the oestrogen hormonal level may result in the enlargement of the male breasts. 90 percent of the breast enlargement in teenage boys are self-resolving and the remaining people may require undergoing any treatment procedure. But the situation is definitely not the same for adult males and older men. Adults need to undergo specific treatment procedures to get rid of this condition.

Dr. Akshay Deshpande

Consultant - Plastic & Reconstructive SUrgery

PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES - Indian Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery - Associate member No. AM/AK2 DISSERTATION (M.S.) - Role of Laparoscopy in Genitourinary Disorders PUBLICATIONS (M.S.) – as Co-author Transverse Colon Volvulus with Chilaiditis Syndrome- Indian J Surg. 2010 Aug;72(4):347-9 Vesicocutaneous Fistula caused by Giant Vesical Calculus- Indian J Surg. 2011 Apr;73(2):152-4 Unilateral Ectopic Breast Tissue on Vulva in an Adult Female-...

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Dr. Amit Bhalotia

Consultant - Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Amit Bhalotia is a Plastic Reconstruction Surgeon in Vikhroli, Mumbai and has an experience of 16 years in this field. Dr. Amit Bhalotia practices at Godrej Memorial Hospital in Vikhroli, Mumbai and Skin Matra in Mahim, Mumbai.

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Dr. Harsh Shah

Consultant - Dermatologist

Dr Harsh Shah specializes in clinical dermatology like Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Acne, Hairfall and Eczema. Dr. Shah is currently practicing at Currae Hospitals in Thane and hold a very strong goodwill around the place. Dr. Shah is MD in dermatology.

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Dr. Mukund Jagannathan

Consultant - Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mukund Jaganathan is a Plastic Surgeon at Currae hospital in Thane and has an experience of 25 years in this field. He completed MBBS from University Of Bombay in 1984, MS - General Surgery from University Of Bombay in 1988 and MCh - Plastic Surgery from University Of Bombay in 1991. He is a member of Association of Medical...

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Dr. Sameer A Karkhanis

Consultant - Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Dr. Karkhanis is a consultant aesthetic plastic surgeon at Currae Hospital, Thane. He is a board certified plastic surgeon with an experience of over 13 years in the field of plastic surgery.He graduated from Grant Medical College in 1995 and did his super specialty training in plastic surgery at the Lok Nayak Hospital, affiliated with the Maulana Azad Medical College,...

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Gynecomastia Treatment

So the good news for all those men who are suffering from Gynecomastia is that now there are numerous ways to deal with such condition. Medications, hormonal treatments may be helpful in treating certain conditions. However, gynecomastia surgery is considered one of the top solution that men can choose. Gynecomastia surgery can be in the form of liposuction or tissue excision which involves the removal of glandular male breast tissues by a surgical procedure that is present underneath the breasts.

Thus, gynecomastia surgery helps in reducing the breast size in men and help them to accomplish a flat and enhanced chest contour. Though in some cases, the weight loss may also help to get rid of the certain condition. In severe cases, surgeons may also need to improve the areolar region by surgically removing the excess skin.

Candidate’s Ideal for Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia Surgical Procedures

Gynecomastia is a surgical procedure so before beginning the procedure, certain medications are administered to provide comfort during the surgery. The anaesthesia options may include intravenous sedation and general anaesthesia. The surgeon usually recommends the best option for you.


Immediately after undergoing a gynecomastia surgery, the treated area is covered with dressing and bandage. Men who have undergone a liposuction and tissue excision procedure usually experience a quite endurable recovery period. They are usually provided with a compression garment that is instructed to be worn for the first few weeks after the surgery. This helps in reducing the swelling and also provides support to the new breast contour. Patients can be able to return to normal activities within a week or so. But strenuous activities can only be resumed after three weeks or according to the instruction of your surgeon. However, the recovery speed may vary from person to person but it is imperative to follow the post-op instructions that are provided by the surgeon to enjoy a complication free result.

Some part of the result of gynecomastia is usually noticed immediately after the procedure though candidates may feel some soreness and pain even after few months of undergoing the procedure. The cosmetic surgeon will provide some medications for pain and a compression garment to speed up the healing. This will help to enhance the male breast contour. Most of the associated complications are temporary and they gradually fade away with time.

However the results obtained are meant to be permanent since the fatty tissues, glandular tissues and skin are removed permanently. It is very important to preserve a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain the acquired results. Remarkable weight gain, use of steroid injections, taking drugs, etc. can also affect the acquired results.

Risks Associated with Gynecomastia

Most of these complications are temporary and usually fades away with time. For further more severe complications, patients may require undergoing a second revision surgery. The surgeon will discuss most of these complications with the patient during the consultation.

Cost of Gynecomastia

The gynecomastia surgery cost usually differs on various factors like the type of anaesthesia required, experience and reputation of the surgeon, geographic location of the office, hospital charges, medical tests, post-surgical garments. In most of the cases, a gynecomastia is usually not covered by insurance. However, the final cost will be determined by the surgeon during the consultation.

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