Mr. Ashok Patni

Chairman Patni Healthcare

Today the healthcare segment is not restricted to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illnesses alone. At CURRAE Hospitals, we believe that each CURRAE specialist’s life revolves around touching, healing and empowering the immensely precious lives of our patients and patrons. And this definitely doesn’t stop at the doors of the hospital but extends into the patient’s life itself to get deeply entrenched therein.

We branched out into the speciality hospitals’ segment not only to award ourselves an opportunity to enhance the quality of human life but also to quench the medical fraternity’s deep urge of imparting quality services and facilitating quick recoveries of the indisposed.

Our people and our values are our twin greatest assets. Also, we have a sharp focus on our business fundamentals. And, to helm it all, our management always keeps in mind the whims, needs, and fancies of the future generations.

Our vision, understandably, is to develop a best-in-class healthcare delivery system doggedly engaged in providing excellent patient care in an ethical and transparent manner.

The healthcare sector remains on the cusp of rapid change and uncertainty. Thus, in endeavoring to chart its own course with fortitude, experience, and foresight, thanks to our vision and values, CURRAE has every reason to optimistically face the future with élan.

Mr. Ashok Patni
Patni Healthcare

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