When should I go for IVF cycle?


“When will we get good news?” is frequent question a couple faces if they cross 2 years of marriage without being blessed by child. This article tries to resolve unnecessary anxieties and to advise when to go for IVF cycle.

Importance of fertile days in getting pregnant

A woman becomes pregnant if she gets intimate during fertile days of her monthly cycle. Each woman has a different set of fertile days and you can find out your fertile days by consulting a Gynecologist. Typically fertile days are 2-3 days before and after ovulation. Ovulation is the process of release of ovum (egg) from the ovaries. Roughly it happens 14 days before next menstruation. Due to busy work or travelling job by husband, a couple may not be together during this time. To become pregnant it is important that you spend intimate time during this time with your husband. This simple approach might help a couple to have a child.

If natural method fails, try IUI for not more than 3 times

If being intimate does not help, couple should visit a Gynecologist and both should undergo some tests. This will help understand the underlying problem and help take corrective actions. Couples with following problems might benefit with IUI or Intra-Uterine-Insemination

  • Husband has low sperm count
  • Wife has problems with cervical mucus
  • Couples with sexual dysfunction or unable to be intimate because of some reasons
  • If donor sperm is indicated due to severe fertility problems with husband

For successful IUI, wife’s Fallopian tubes must be patent and ovaries be functionally normally. During each IUI cycle, hormones are given to facilitate production of more eggs. Naturally ovaries have limited capacity for producing number of eggs. You should not undergo IUI for more than 2-4 times, since it carries risk of exhaustion of ovaries. You should consider IVF at an early stage, to avoid wasting time, money and precious ovary.

Avoid wasting time, money and precious ovary and opt for IVF at right time

Improved IVF technologies have been showing higher success rates of IVF cycle. Couple should consider IVF without much delay if

  • IUI cycles failed 2-4 times
  • Wife has blocked Fallopian tubes
  • Premature failure of ovaries
  • Advanced female age – over 38 years old
  • Husband has low sperm count or low motility
  • Severe endometriosis

IVF means In-Vitro Fertilization. In IVF cycle

  1. Ovaries are stimulated with hormones to produce more eggs
  2. Approximately on 14th day of IVF cycle, eggs released from ovaries are extracted by laparoscopy
  3. Under high power microscope, egg is injected with a good quality sperm from husband
  4. Fertilised egg is grown inside an incubator under controlled environment
  5. In 2-3 days it grows into an embryo, which is transferred into uterus

It is crucial that in few days, embryo should ‘stick’ to uterus on its own. This is called implantation of embryo. 2 weeks after inserting embryo inside uterus, urine test is done to check for pregnancy. Success of IVF cycle depends on couple’s condition, doctor’s skills, and IVF Lab facilities and protocols. For higher success of your IVF cycle, you should select IVF Lab like Currae which adheres to international protocols, have highly skilled doctors and higher published success rates.

When should I go for next IVF cycle if the first cycle fails

Not all women are lucky. One should not lose hope in such scenarios. IVF Labs like Currae are equipped to cryopreserve embryos obtained in the first cycle. These preserved embryos can be used for second IVF cycle, without the need to undergo stimulation of ovaries and extraction of eggs. During next 2 months, wife’s uterus is prepared for implantation of embryo. Once the uterus is ‘ready’, embryos are inserted again and another ray of hope shines.

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