What is Glaucoma Disease+ƒ? – Know Treatment For Glaucoma


Glaucoma, which is often been missed by the general population in our country.  Glaucoma is a disease which actually damages the optic nerve. It is supposed to be a silent killer which we cannot actually recognize by our own measurement.  It’s the doctor who will make you understand what is glaucoma, when you go for an eye checkup.  What happens is that the eye pressure increases which increasingly damages the optic nerve and ultimately makes your eyes blind.

There are certain risk factors of glaucoma like family history, diabetes, hypertension, myopia, hypermetropia, thyroid, and host of others.  There are 3 types of glaucoma:

  1. Normotensive glaucoma,
  2. Low tension glaucoma and
  3. Ocular hypertension.

In ocular hypertension, there is no field effect, only the eye pressure increases.  In normal tension glaucoma, the pressure is normal but the damage increases, and in low tension glaucoma, the pressure is on the lower side but still the damage of the optic nerve occurs.

When you go to an eye consultant, always make sure that you ask whether there is a possible risk of glaucoma with me or not.  In that case, the eye surgeon will make you understand what is glaucoma and at the same time will tell you whether you should go for a check-up or not.  The family history, if you have a family history like if your mother, brother, sister, anybody suffers or your uncle suffers from glaucoma, definitely whether you have it or not, you should go for a check-up.  The only thing we can treat in glaucoma is the increased eye pressure, which actually damages the optic nerve and there are lots of modern eye prescriptions that have more drugs that we have come up with, in which there is no side effect with the heart or your respiratory system and you can really have a good sight till the end even if there is an early disease which is detected.

Our main aim is to prevent the visual damage or the damage of the optic nerve which actually makes your eyes blind.  One thing you always should remember, you just cannot hear a sunrise, you have to see it.

Dr. Shiladitya Mukherjee

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