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On what does the success rate of IVF depends

IVF is the process of combining an egg and sperm together to form embryo somewhere outside the body in a test tube to conceive.

The couple who wish to have a child and are searching for an option then IVF is one of the great options. If you are going for an IVF cycle then you should also learn about the success rate of the procedure. Many women have conceived through IVF and give birth to a healthy child but there is the possibility of an unsuccessful IVF. Many factors are involved for a successful IVF and an unsuccessful one.

For instance, it is now found that most of the IVF have proved successful due to increasing technology and doctors have become more trained and experienced. If you are afraid of an IVF procedure to be successful or not, you can find the best IVF centre in Mumbai. No one can guide you best then a doctor and help you understand the procedure and the success rate of an IVF.

If you look at the national statistics you will never get to know what are your chances of success? Some factors depend upon us, on which we have a control and the others are specific. Let us see on what factors does the success of an IVF depends:

  • Age

Making a decision of giving birth to a baby is the most beautiful thing in a couple’s life. But is your age more than thirty?? Then you can find the problem while conceiving. The quality of the eggs in a women body becomes less with the increasing age. As you age starts increasing, not only quality but also the quantity of the eggs decreases.

The age factor reduces the success rate of IVF as the most working woman or an independent one want to conceive late after 30’s. Women under the age of 35 years have 40% chances of successful IVF and women above the age of 40 years have 11% chances of success. Along with age the weight also contributes to the success rate, a stable body weight is ideal.

  • Fertility partner

Many times the success rate of IVF decreases if the partner is changed to that of the previous pregnancy. It is important for a doctor to know your previous pregnancy records like any miscarriage. If your fertility partner is same the embryo is formed better and proves into a successful IVF.

For an IVF through a donor, the donor should be the same if you are trying for a second child. The success rate is high and much effective through donor eggs.

  • IVF cycle

The IVF cycle is when ovulation does not take place and the eggs are retrieved and are fertilized in IVF labs to create embryos. The success rate is affected by the IVF cycle. Odds of success can be increased if a patient undergoes more than one IVF cycle. The woman who has successfully conceived a child go for 2.7 cycles for the retrieval of eggs. Thus, if you want quick results then try at least 3 IVF cycles.

When you find difficult in conceiving through three cycles then the pregnancy success can be improved with the help of five IVF cycles. Due to increasing IVF cycle the success rate decreases because more IVF cycle cost much every time and some people can’t afford that much.

  • Fertility problems

The major fertility problem may include male infertility due to which the IVF procedure demand and eventually success rate increases. While on the other hand problems including uterine abnormalities, low sperm concentration, fibroid tumors decrease the success rate of IVF. All these problems result in less formation of ovules. Ovulation is important for a successful IVF.

Next comes the problem of both the partners are infertile, this factor lows the chances of IVF to be successful. And if you want to conceive a child keep in touch with your doctor as the length of being infertile for a long time also decreases the chances of IVF. The quality of the embryo should also be checked before taking in the IVF procedure.

The success rate of an IVF, in short, can be said depends upon person to person and doctor to doctor. Find the best IVF clinic in Mumbai, where the success rates are high and gives the best support to the patient. If you wish to have a baby have faith in God as well as in your doctor.

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