Spine Surgery Case Study You Must Read


Recently, we operated a very complicated case. Patient is around 45-year male, weighing around 150 kg. He was suffering from very severe nerve compression in his middle back. That compression was very, very severe, he was unable to stand and walk, but we successfully operated him and he has absolutely recovered now, walking.

Challenging point about this case is that his weight around 150 kg.  Now, 150 kg weight make any kind of surgery, even spine surgery very difficult for anaesthesia purpose also and for surgery purpose also.  And the next point is that the nerve compression was very severe in his back that there are chances of some really bad complication after surgery.

Was there an alternative to spine surgery?

Actually, he was almost on the verge of paralysis means he was unable to stand and walk. The compression was so severe, if we are not going to operate him, he may develop paralysis in next 1 or 2 month, so there was no other alternative for surgery.  Even operating 150 kg person, surgeon and anaesthesia also tried to avoid surgery but sometimes a surgery is very, very necessary, so we have to do it.

What would have happened if he had not undergone spine surgery?

He won’t be able to stand, walk.  There may be some issue regarding passing urine, he have to depend on urinary catheter, these are the complications that may arise if he is not undergoing surgery.

What challenges did you have to overcome to do this surgery?

Starting from patient entering in hospital… see, the normal wheelchair, stretcher, bed are meant for 100 kg but they are never meant for 150 kg, so we have to arrange everything from wheelchair to bed. We have to check the operation theatre table weight bearing capacity, whether it can withstand 150 kg for 3 hours, again anaesthetists have to do lot of tests regarding lung, his heart before surgery.

What are the improvements in the patient?

Yes, before the surgery, he was able to stand only for maybe 15 second or 30 second.  He needed assistant to walk. Right now, he can stand for 5-10 minutes and he can walk without any assistant. And he himself is saying that he is experiencing lot of power improvement in his leg after surgery.

How soon will the patient recover completely?

He will be absolutely normal or you can say 90-95% normal at the end of 3 month.


Dr. Nilesh Zope
Consultant – Spine Surgeon, Orthopedist & Spine And Pain Specialist (View Profile)

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