Prostate Disease You Must Know About it


Prostatic enlargement is the commonest cause of difficulty in urination in elderly people.  Usually the symptoms are :

  • Difficulty in urination like frequency of urination
  • Night time frequency of urination
  • Patient may have symptoms of bleeding from the urine
  • Patient may present to us in the emergency department with inability to pass urine that is retention of urine

Prostatic enlargement, maybe because of two causes –

  • Benign prostatic enlargement that is because of aging process
  • Malignant prostatic enlargement that is prostate cancer

The treatment modality for the prostatic diseases is available at Currae Speciality Hospital.  The treatment options are usually medical management as well as surgical management.
For benign enlargement of prostate, usually we perform endoscopic surgeries, and for malignant prostatic diseases, we usually perform robotic prostate surgeries.  The success rate with both the surgeries are excellent.

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