Is PRK Eye Surgery Correct for You?


Is PRK Eye Surgery Correct for You?

Ever part of the human body is designed to fight off any signs of infection or anything that might as well be related to any form of damage that might harm the body. But then there are a couple of times where the body might just give in and the damage is evident. Well, there are several causes for such things to even occur in day to day life and these accidents do tend to leave minor scuffs or marks in the most delicate organs of the human body. Such marks or scuffs can case the organ to malfunction and also lead to some serious consequences in later periods of time. Hence there are surgical advancements all thanks to the modernization of the world that has provided us with several different options to rectify these errors and also take into consideration as to how they can be prevented and also be away from such threats. But then in other cases when you aren’t aware of all of this even happening, you can be in danger and at that point some of the most precious sensory organs areas to risk. Well, the eyes, in particular, are the main reason why a person can actually see different things around them and also witness change and feel things sort of) around them. If anything were to happen to them, then it would mean an era of blindness till there might be some form of a breakthrough in, medical terminologies to get the desired result of reverting the blindness into vision. Hence in this very article, we are going to discuss the various happenings about the realm of surgical advancements that have proven to save several lives that might be dreadful if they weren’t treated with the right form of care.

But then for the surgical advancements for the eye, there are several differences from of surgical procedures that are done in order to overcome the entire problem that the eye might be facing in order to get the problem fixed and corrected. The main form of the surgery to correct the slightest or the most renowned form of problems is laser eye surgery that makes it really important in the realm of eye operations that are being done on a day to basis. But even then, under the category of laser eye surgery, you can witness that there are several different categories as well that can really be differentiated into categories. Well depending on how they are done and what purpose they are going to be done, they range from complex to simple procedure. Well, nothing surgical is simple but then the time, duration and cost come into play that makes it much more simpler and easier for the patient. In this article we are going to deal with everything there is to need to know about PRK eye surgery also known as photorefractive keratectomy eye surgery. A form of non-invasive surgery that deals with making the surgery simple and not complex at all and also making it a whole lot more pain-free and faster as well. So, let’s see how this form of surgery is the right one for you in case if you want any of the problems that you might have needs to be corrected.

The entire world of PRK eye surgery revolves around the individual not to wear any kind of objects to help them see anything in day to day life. This means to say that the surgery is mainly designed to eliminate the use of glasses and contact lenses that are a burden to few people as it might cause irritation and would not be a part of their life and want it removed once and for all. Also, the other main target about the surgery is that it tends to eliminate the probable dysfunctionality of the eyes which are nearsightedness, farsightedness and even astigmatism. But the entire procedure of the PRK eye surgery is to mainly create a simply curved surface area on the cornea that tends to be a whole lot more smoother and allows the light that is passing through the retina to hit the back of the eye at the exact point. If you have a cornea that is of lesser density, then this is the treatment that you should go for as unlike the other form eye surgery, PRK eye surgery doesn’t need a flap and can operate with using a laser to just smoothen out the surface of the cornea and make it feasible for the individual to see things much better and efficiently than ever before.

Well for various reason that might be, PRK eye surgery is the best that you can receive in order to make things better and also elevate the overall visual capabilities of your eyesight. Needless to say, that if you are a person who has tried everything and surgery is what you are looking for to get your eyesight corrected to the fullest (well almost the fullest), then PRK eye surgery is the one that your doctor would recommend for you. Its main agenda is to improve your eyesight and also clear out the underlying causes of how you might not be able to see properly and also have some form of double vision or impaired vision that might be making it difficult for you to see from day to day life. Even though all the laser implemented surgeries are based upon the application of laser to remove and reshape the overall structure and size of the cornea, therefore it is feasible to say that it can resurrect the overall eyesight of the individual and also be pain-free. Also, being noninvasive, it gives further hope and confidence for the patient to get the surgery done and not back out from it. In the case of PRK eye surgery, it has proven that people have achieved a 20/20 vision improvement from their previous vision and makes a huge difference as to how a person might get along in their daily lives. So, without further ado, let’s get on looking at the other things of PRK eye surgery and help us determine that whether or not it is the right kind of eye surgery for you. Let’s get cracking.

Why Is the Entire Process of PRK Eye Surgery Done to Individuals?

In the entire process of the PRK eye surgery, there are not that many intricate steps involved that might result in the damaging of the cornea or you losing your overall eyesight or any such thing like that. It is simple non-invasive and quite simple. It doesn’t even take much time but then for people with the cornea being less, it sure can be a lifesaver as this needs to be done with utmost care and precision. In the final results of the entire surgery, you can see that the overall recovering phase, when compared to other laser eye surgeries, is quite slower and might be a problem to some but for many, it’s a time where they know that the surgery is the best thing that could ever happen to them. Also, when it comes down to the overall comfortness in the post recovery phase, you might see that PRK eye surgery patients have a gradual recovery phase. This is all because of the surgery is not that complex and actually, requires more time for them to be fully adaptive and see through their own eyes without the ease of any sort of glasses or contact lenses. But then with the kind of money that you are paying, it sure as well requires an equal amount of rest as well.

But then in this surgery, there are some of the benefits and also why they might choose to get his surgery done. Firstly, if you see as to how they might be doing the surgery, you can come to know that there is the application of lasers that tends to only correct the cornea without having any sort of invasive flap system. It just results in the cornea being corrected from the outer region. Hence even if there were something to go wrong, there is the whole underlying area of the cornea that still can be worked upon by other forms of laser eye surgery to get the mistake corrected and eliminate the problem entirely. Also, it proves to beneficial for the people who are actually having the risk of a very thin cornea. These people can get the surgery done and even though it might prove to beneficial in the end, they can always get another surgery to get everything right back how it was but even better. But ion the end of the day, there is some kind of pros and cons that the surgery does possess. Let’s start with the cons first and see how it fares with the cons. The pros are given below. Take a look.

  • When compared to all of the laser eye surgeries out there, there is absolutely no removal of the cornea. Yes, there is slight removal or addition in order to get the desired curvature on the cornea to enable the individual to see properly.
  • When there might be a creation of flap system in other eye surgeries, for PRK eye surgery there is no requirement of flaps and the threat of corneal flap complication is totally removed out of the blue.
  • People with thin cornea can opt for this kind of surgery as there are no invasive maneuvers that might lead to any sort of damage or parament damage to the eye. Hence unlike other surgeries, you can opt for this one to be cost-effective and even beneficial as well.
  • Even with the surgery being very simple, there no risk of the cornea tends to swell up. The thickness of the cornea tends to be the same and there is nothing dangerous that tends to happen to the eyes but it stays the same even after the entire surgery is over.

Now that we have dealt with all the pros of the PRK eye surgery, let’s take a look at the cons that the surgery possesses if you were to get it done. The cons are given below. Take a look.

  • Well when you looking for the recovery period to be short, with the PRK eye surgery, there is a longer recovery phase and might require additional care to be taken in order to get the eye functioning properly.
  • The best vision that your eye has taken longer than expected as there are certain factors that need to be met before it even starts to function properly under all the given circumstances are met.
  • There is a higher risk of inflammation, post-surgery injection and another kind of things if the surgery wasn’t done under the natural circumstances and other things. Btu then this might vary upon where and when you might get the operation done.
  • There are acute pain and discomfort during the initial phases of the surgery that might cause irritation and redness of the eyes, hence do check in with all of these factors before you even get the surgery done.

What is the entire cost of PRK eye surgery?

Well, each of the prices of any of the surgeries greatly differs from clinic to clinic. Well, it might be more in hospitals that have a far advanced team of doctors and technicians, while it might cheaper in a hospital where they might not have that level of expertise as well. Hence the range of costs might differ. Even the costs come down to the levels of intensity that they have to perform the overall surgery with. Because if you have had any sort of previous surgery done to your eye, then PRK eye surgery might as well be really tough and might require a hand of expert technicians to help them out. That’s why it might cost more. Other than this, you could pay off the bills buy actually using up your life insurance but ensure that you have clarified everything with your life insurance company and if and only if they are willing to pay for your surgery then you go ahead with it. But keep in mind that if you have only one eye that needs to be treated, then you can get it done in any of the reputable hospitals where they will take utmost care and give you the most careful of treatments that you might have ever witnessed. Other than this if you are looking for overs eases treatment, then it might be a problem as prices tend to range from place to place, so do proper research and also get all the details before you even get to that place. But the usual cost pf any PRK eye surgery in any part of the world is close to 80,000 – 1,00,000 rupees per eye in any part of the world. So, bearing this in mind, do take extra precaution and think twice before you even want to get it done.

How Is the Entire Surgery of PRK Eye Surgery Performed?

Well first things first, you are given some aunt of anesthesia that is given in the form of drops or injection. Depending upon whether to put you to sleep or just your eyes to sleep. After this, there is an alcohol solution which is poured onto the cornea or the epithelial layer of the cornea. Once this is applied, then a buffing machine is taken and the central area or the corneal epithelium layer is removed in the initial procedure.

After this, the main procedure starts where a machine-precise guided laser is brought to the eye and with every beam of the laser it tends to remove or reshape the overall curvature of the cornea. But then this laser isn’t any normal laser. It a computer-controlled laser that tends to remove microparticles of the cornea in order to gain the precision at which the eye can see or the vision can be close to perfect. The laser is a cool ultraviolet laser that helps in getting the job done without the application of external force or pressure.  But then the laser doesn’t remove a random particle from here and there. It moves in a pattern in order to avoid another form of problems that might be caused due to the irregularity of the cornea.

After all, this is done, the entire new work is then covered up with a form of a contact lens or some sort of bandage that is then placed for about of week or so. Depending on the severity or the intensity of the damage. Once that is placed, the epithelial cells tend to grow back and everything becomes like it was before. But this time your vision doesn’t get affected and everything remains the same as how your vision was before it got affected. Your doctor will then remove this bandage to help your eye recover more from the surgery and under natural conditions adapt to the newer form as well. The entire procedure lasts only about 30-45 mins and, in some cases, it lasts 20 mins as well depending on whether you need to work on both the eyes or only a single one.

What Are the Possible Side Effects of the Entire PRK Eye Surgery?

Well after coming out from any surgery you can witness that pain is going to be your friend for a very long time. Unless there is a certain amount of right medication handed out to you such that the pain might stop. But even then, it will continue to be there. But then this pain lasts from somewhere around the region of 24 -72 hours after you are pulled out of surgery. But then not only this, the light will be your enemy and anything that you see that is light enough will be a major painful incident that you might have undergone in years. As because of the newly reconstructed cornea, it might lead to the eye still deflecting the light in areas which it isn’t supposed to go causing some amount of discomfort and agony. But then within 6 months of surgery, you might notice that you might require eyeglasses for proper vision. The power would be less but then the overall point of the surgery was to eliminate them and not have any of you for better vision. These were some of the side effects and they happen very rarely, not that often., so don’t be surprised if you see anyone having them. It happens to depend upon the situation of the surgery.

What Are the Long-Term Results of The PRK Eye Surgery?

Well with anyone who has had a history of using glasses and contact lenses have all known to be not using them after they got the surgery done. Ever since the 80’s and the 90’s, this surgery has been having some positive results and also has been a favorite for the doctors who have recommended it to several of their patients who are looking to get a permanent solution to their eye problems. But in almost all the certain circumstantial problems, it is the go-to surgery as it tends to provide some really intense offerings with very fewer maneuvers done to the eye and also enhances the overall credibly of the eye in performing much Better without anything being taken away and also giving back a whole lot more while just resurrecting some things of the eye.

Most of the results that are achieved with almost all the different types of laser eye surgeries are almost the same. Mainly because of the way that they are done and having greater or small differences in the overall application the individuals upon which they are being performed on. Other than this all the laser surgeries have an equal amount of vision success as they achieve a 20/20 vision which proves to be close to perfect. But yes, in all of the surgeries that are don’t to the eye, it takes a whole lot of recovery time that might need to be neglected as anything, as a slight tough or nibble to the eye. It might require the eye to be rested and this means that it requires being taken care of with extreme care and dedication. But then even after the surgery has been done, most of the patients tend to have somewhere around the region of 20/40 vision which can be normal for the people who are actually throwing away their glasses and contact lenses just to get this operation. But then this is a happy story, doesn’t last for all of them as not everything might have to throw their contact lenses and glasses away. For some, they might have to wear it in order to get the initial vision correct and under prescribed medication and drops, you can start seeing changes under some interval of time.

But then not all is well and good after the overall operation is gone successfully. If there was a problem where you were facing a whole lot of starbursts or night glare then there are glasses that are handed out to the individuals which would help them to get over the situation and help the eye to see better under such given lighting conditions. But then this might result in the eye to be kept under constant monitoring and also might need to be kept under rigorous medication to eliminate this issue. As if the problem pertains, then it might as well lead to the eye staying the same way and there might be no point in the operation even being done on you. Hence check it out with the doctor and also ensure that you have sufficient medication to enable the irregularities to go away. But then these forms of complications are very rare in the post-surgery effects of the PRK eye surgery. This is mainly due to the precision at which the surgery tends to get along with and also as to how the surgery is done. Therefore, if any of these problems are witnessed even after the recovery phase then you might have to have the doctor check the problem out and everything can be resolved after that.

Also, in some of the cases, it has been witnessed that sensitivity to the light during daytime or the night time becomes a much bigger issue as this might lead to several problems for the person in future. Hence doctors do tend to hand out some form of photochromic lenses that tend to cover up such mishaps and make it feasible for the people to see properly rather than just cover their eyes whenever there is a bright light pointed on their eyes. Also, if there are any sort of safe effects from the surgery where you might have a minor residual error of the refractive index, then the doctors prescribe you anti-reflecting coating glasses that tends to give you the best of efforts of not letting any form of light pass through the eye and keeping the intensity of the eye to the minimum. Thus, making night driving much simpler and not that harsh for the high beam intensity of the light to directly fall into your eyes and causing further damage. With the help of these glasses, your vision also improves and blocks out the overall sunlight as well. So, it’s a win-win situation for all.

After a long-term result, the overall effects of the surgery tend to stay for a lifetime. But then as ageing and other natural factors start to hit your body, at that point in time you might require reading glasses after the age of 40 to actually read the tiniest of things. Other than this everything remains fine and nothing goes out of balance. Also, there might be other surgeries that you might have to get in order to improve your overall vision at any given particular point in time. Thus, this is only to prevent the worsening of the eye during your old age as discussed earlier. Well, when you lose your vision at the age of 40 or above and tend to require glasses, at that point of time you might have a symptom known as presbyopia which is the same as we discussed above. But in today’s generation, nothing is permanent, everything is temporary and the outcomes of surgeries can last only for a particular given point of time. There isn’t anything that you might find out there that can actually satisfy you all the way. You might have the freedom for 10-120 years, but then you might have wear glasses all over again because of old age and other natural reasons.

While in the world as of now, several of the laser eye surgeries are quite famous and brings about several people from different places to get the surgery done. It proves to be beneficial in the long run and also tends to create a whole lot of cost-effective maneuvers in order to save as little as possible to get something new in the near future. Also, when it comes down to actually deciding as to what you might want or which surgery is the right one for you, then you definitely need to have a chat with your doctor as they might give you the best form of advice and also can guide you into what needs to be done and how everything needs to be done. So, for your individual preferences, the long-term results of PRK eye surgery are quite promising and also quite good. It tends to be a whole lot more definitive and also very successful. People have gotten out of it with the best of results and nothing takes the wrong of ways for anything bad to even happen. Hence if you are ever looking for any kind of eye surgery then do tend to look into PRK eye surgery as it can be the best option for you available for you out there right now. All the best.

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