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Dr. Rekha: Today’s topic is care in pregnancy. Center Head, pregnancy is a 9 months’ period, so let us divide into 3 parts: first 3 months, next 3 months, and last 3 months.

Center Head: I think first 3 months is a very crucial period…

Dr. Rekha: Absolutely.

Center Head: …crucial in the sense, even the would-be Mom and the family, they are really excited, they are getting so many suggestions from the elderly females, from the house. So what would you advise?

Dr. Rekha: Yeah, first 3 months are really very crucial because it is emotional changes, it is physical changes which is happening in the body. Now, why this changes happens is because the pregnancy hormone is very, very high and this pregnancy hormone is important for the continuation of the pregnancy, for the support of pregnancy, so it not only help for the pregnancy but it acts on the person’s brain, heart, liver, everywhere. So these are like, you know, what are the early symptoms like nausea, some patients have vomiting, some patients lower abdominal pain, some patients may complain about the lower back ache, and most importantly is mood swing. So the care actually in the first 3 months, the mother has to be very careful, at the same time, I will say the family. Family should support this thing because the mood swings are very, very high in the first trimester and it is not universal. Every patient will not have this symptom but certain do have this symptom.

Center Head: Basically, for 3 months, it is just a start, it’s a crucial period and mood swings are there.

Dr. Rekha: Absolutely, absolutely.

Center Head: So the entire family has to support would-be mother.

Dr. Rekha: Support… yeah.

Center Head: I think after 3 months, little bit, you can say, a settlement or… it comes.

Dr. Rekha: Yeah.

Center Head: So the would-be mother, she feels that okay, in my life, now there is something…

Dr. Rekha: Yeah, by that time, she is experienced.

Center Head: Yeah, she is experienced.

Dr. Rekha: So she has listened or experienced from others also.

Center Head: Right, so then what is the care which is required?

Dr. Rekha: Before going to the 2nd – 3rd month, I would like to add one more thing, the care is during the first trimester, one should not outside because nowadays we have lots of infection coming out, you know, it’s unhygienic food, so once if you get a pregnant patient infection, so we have to give her antibiotics to treat that infection and the infection itself can pass to the baby, so this is really very important thing that one should not eat outside.

Center Head: So as Madam has said that little nausea

Dr. Rekha: In early pregnancy, you know, remember every time, because of this symptom, you are always alert that you are pregnant.

Center Head: It’s a very valid point, we hate nausea during first 3 months but what madam stressed upon it’s a very valid point. So, what is the care in next 3 months?

Dr. Rekha: Next 3 months, by the time you pass 3 months, 4th, 5th and 6th are really very cool, all these mood swings and negative thoughts that’s there goes off completely, face blushes, you enjoy pregnancy and positivity also you enjoy food also, of course homemade food. So again, more or less in 4th, 5th and 6th months, outside food is to be avoided, any medications you should avoid, you should keep track on your weight, and plenty of fluid. Especially in the rainy season, there are chances of slipping, that you have to be careful. Medications, for any other reason you should take.

Center Head: Avoid.

Dr. Rekha: If there is a minor ailment means if fever comes then also you have to go to concerned gynaecologist.

Center Head: Right.

Dr. Rekha: Exactly, all your mobility has to be very slow, whether you are getting up from the bed, whether you are stepping down through staircase all your mobilities has to be very slow, even turning from one side to another immediately. While waking, don’t get up suddenly 

Center Head: But still the woman should be mobilized, right…

Center Head: And then in 7th-8th month, I think they are like little tension months for all pregnant women, I think commonest questions that is like whether I will be going for normal delivery or Caesarean section.

Dr. Rekha: That is absolutely true. When the 3rd trimester starts, that’s when elders suggest to try for normal delivery, tell your doctor beforehand like one’s own mother advises last 3 months, I tell them that you have to be you know trust whoever your doctor is.

Center Head: Right.

Dr. Rekha: So, I personally think no doctor will unnecessarily do caesarean section without indications are there whether caesarean or normal delivery should be done at the time of delivery, when they have labour pains, at that time, we assess the patient’s condition, we assess the baby’s condition that is heart beats, mother’s blood pressure, and any other minor ailments, whether the baby is coming down, whether the mouth of the uterus is opening or not, so there are many things are depend… the mode of deliveries depend on many things.

Center Head; Yes.

Dr. Rekha: So we assess at that time, whether this person or this patient is going to have a normal delivery or we have to stop the normal delivery and convert it into a caesarean. So one should really trust, and again, I will tell all patients that you have to come into the discussion in the plan of treatment that what’s happen, what happens to you, you discuss with your doctor. Delivery and this thing is not the rocket science, we also learn from the experience, so you can discuss it. So your question, in 3rd trimester of pregnancy, you have to enjoy, this period passes off very fast. for example, this is your first pregnancy, moderate increase in the blood pressure, your baby is average size, your height is this, so your pelvic brim is this much, so many factors, thought the pregnancy is same for two this thing but there are many factors. So for you, what is important is only your consultant will tell you, reading your history, examining you, so it is not uniform for everyone. So, Internet has a lot of information but what is the knowledge important for you, that only consultant will tell you, so again do not Google, that is another care one should take.

Center Head: So, I think do not Google and just consult your own gynaecologist, trust the doctor, and don’t think I mean just rely on the doctor.

Dr. Rekha: Yeah, whatever questions you have, you have to come up, you can write it down, when you come for the consulting, you can just show, “these are my questions,” satisfactory answers you can get it from your concern.

Center Head: Nowadays, another thing is late sleeping, having food at dinner is late time does this effect?

Dr. Rekha: Absolutely, usually, if you say it is in the last trimester, okay, last trimester means already baby is in abdomen, so the stomach capacity is reduced, so you cannot have the late this thing…

Center Head: Dinner at late time.

Dr. Rekha: In fact, you can have a small meal every one hourly and dinner you can finish by 9-9:30 and go to sleep you know after an hour of dinner. First semester, when there is… you are not having anything, okay, so you anyway have a problem of acidity and during pregnancy, acidity problem also increases, so again if you have a late like dinner or if you don’t sleep enough then acidity increases.

Center Head: So, I think good sleep, good food, having good emotions, healthy thoughts…

Dr. Rekha: Yeah, and positivity.

Center Head: Yeah positivity and consulting the doctor always.

Dr. Rekha: Absolutely, and if there is any minor ailment, do not hesitate to come to hospital for a visit. Hospital is open 24/7 all over, so you can go and you can just consult with your doctor. Do not Google and do not you know try to solve your problem by yourself because this minor ailment maybe very important.

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