What is Phacoemulsification for Cataracts?


Today, We are going to talk about phacoemulsification, which is a modern technique for cataract surgery. In this process, a hand piece which is introduced into the eye aspirates and fragments the natural lens, and at the same time, a balanced salt solution is put inside the eyes so that the aspirated fluid is being balanced and kept the anterior chamber intact, at the same time to cool the hand piece.  In this procedure, a very small incision is needed through which the hand piece is introduced, the cataract is emulsified and through the same incision, a foldable lens is introduced, so that patient is being able to go back to his normal work within a span of only 10 days. This sort of surgery saves time, at the same time; it can be done as a topical without giving any injection at present. If the patient is non-cooperative with the topical then definitely a retrobulbar or peribulbar injection is given, which enhances the procedure of phacoemulsification.

There are 2 types of lenses, actually we use, is silicone and acrylic, but these days we always prefer silicone lenses of which the hydrophobic lenses are mainly used, which has minimal reaction as a foreign body inside the eye.  Patients especially with arthritis or diabetes are definitely benefited by this hydrophobic lens.

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