Orthopedics – A Trend toward Less Surgery


Orthopedics – A Trend toward Less Surgery

Every time you are injured very seriously, the only thing that you are afraid of is going through a surgery. As scary as it is, sometimes it is so painful that you curse yourself for getting injured. But there is always a way out for everything. If you are so much afraid of surgery and do not want it as the only option that can cure you, then orthopedics is here.

In recent times it is growing very fast and is in high demand as well. There are many doctors who would try their level best to keep you away from the surgery. The alternative to it is the orthopedics. Some of the very normal and common cases such as rotator cuff injuries and meniscus tears for some age group that is natural can also be treated without surgery. And the physical therapy has proved to be as much effective as the surgery itself. To postpone the knee and hip replacement the trend is moving up to incision fewer treatments and they also work for the prolonged time.

Some of the alternatives to the surgery are:


It is Platelet Rich Plasma injection in which the patient’s own plasma is inserted into the knee or the area with the problem. It does not work that well on the patients but they have proved to be worth it. It initially started in the dentistry and then in the spinal area, but then it showed good growth when athletes started using it. At some places, it is even used in the hip ailments and in the tennis elbow.

Nerve Block

It is a technique in which a cooled radio frequency is used to treat people who are not yet ready for the hip replacement surgery. Earlier it was used only for spine but in 2017 it has been FDA approved for knees for nonnarcotic pain relief which is an important approach for opioid and amid an epidemic. This technique can provide pain relief for up to years. It knocks out the nerves that provide the pain feedback and leaves the motor nerves intact. It takes a long time for the body to reroute the nerve signal.  This leaves people more active and working. It also helps the people having arthritis with weight management.

Eat Less And Exercise More

People should do whatever they can do to minimize their pain. They should exercise to keep the muscles strong and making the joints strong. Do different types of surgery to keep all the muscles in good condition. Meniscus tears surgery for older is now done very less as it has been proved that it accelerates arthritis and the need for the knee replacement.

Exercise keeps you fit and when the muscles are strong enough you do not have to worry about the sore muscles that give you pain anymore.

Deficiency of vitamin D and other vitamins and proteins in the main reason you suffer from many diseases. So for a healthy lifestyle, you need to balance the nutrient diet. Also exercising and keeping your body working keeps your muscles strong and efficient.

Thus orthopedics is an alternative to the surgery and it works wonders. Orthopedics is not always the alternative, but as far as it can be avoided physical therapy will help you in every way possible. And it even works miracles.

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