Mumbai Woman Sheds 46 Kgs In 1.5 Years, Gets A New Lease Of Life. Check Out How…


In 2016, she was whopping 110 kgs, having sleep apnea that affected her day to day life.

The patient underwent bariatric surgery in 2018 and lost 46 kgs, weighs 64 kgs now. Weight loss is challenging. But, this 49-year-old Mumbai woman left no stones unturned to cut down those excess kilos and lead a healthy life. The patient opted for weight loss surgery which helped her to slim down from 110 kgs to 64 kg.

Dr. Savita Salian, a branch manager at LIC, spent the last 3 years caring for her husband who underwent brain surgery. Soon, she started experiencing bouts of fatigue and tiredness, and before she could do anything, she realized that at 49 years of age she had piled up 110 kgs. As her own weight continued to increase, she started experiencing difficulty in sleeping.

On consulting the doctor, it was revealed that she suffered from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It is a disease that reduces the oxygen level in the body and increases carbon dioxide levels. Patients experience difficulty in sleeping and as a result of this feel tired and sleepy during the day. Patients are not able to recognize the symptoms and attribute to other stress-causing factors in life. If left untreated, sleep apnea leads to increased pressure on the lungs and heart raising the risk of heart failure. To her dismay, the patient also started experiencing other side effects of obesity like breathlessness and difficulty in walking.

Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker, Bariatric and Laparoscopic Surgeon, Currae Specialty Hospitals, Thane, highlighted, “Obesity is a disease that is affecting more and more Indians. As of today, bariatric surgery is the only option that can lead to sustained weight loss when it comes to losing 30 kgs or more. Obesity is as much of a disease as cancer or diabetes and has as many side effects. It affects the body from head to toe and must also be treated early in the course of the disease.

She added, “This patient visited me about 1.5 years ago. After clinical evaluation, she underwent bariatric surgery in the form of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. In this surgery, the stomach is divided vertically and about 65% of it is removed. Multiple mechanisms lead to weight loss. Hence, reduction of food intake, early satiety, decreased hunger, hormonal effects are a few of these mechanisms by which sleeve gastrectomy leads to weight loss. Post-surgery, she weighed 64 kgs. The patient is back on track after losing 46 kgs and was able to get rid of sleep apnea. She has also experienced a positive psychosocial change in how people view her.” her present weight is 64 kgs

“3 years ago, I couldn’t take care of myself owing to my husband’s ill health. Unfortunately, I piled up 110 kgs, and my activities were restricted. But, I thank the doctor for helping me live life the way I wanted to. I feel as though I have fallen in love with myself again. I make sure that I exercise and follow a well-balanced diet. My productivity at work is also increased and I recently got a promotion too. I am more active now, and my husband is elated too,” concluded Dr. Savita Salian.

Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker

Consultant – Bariatric & Lapaproscopic Surgeon

Currae Hospitals, Thane

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