Menopause is an turning point in Woman’s Life


Menopause by definition is no menses for complete one year. Every women who menstruated will have to stop menstruating. Those females who got their cycles early will have early menopause.Average age of menopause is 51 years.

The reason why menopause occurs is cessation of ovarian function.When ovaries stop working , no hormone secreted it results in no menses.

Menopause is normal physiological phenomena. But if menopause happens early of late then we need go to Gynecologist for check up to see if everything is normal

Symptoms of menopause are :

Hot Flushes

Vaginal dryness


Urinary incontinence

Most common complications after menopause are :

Cardiovascular disease


Urinary incontinence

The most common is osteoporosis, that means softening of all bones. The reason is low calcium in blood. After menopause calcium uptake reduces so body takes calcium from long bones. It results in constant reduction of calcium in bone and they get fragile or soft. To avoid this one must take calcium tablet.

Heart attacks incidence is low in reproductive women as against post menopausal. Estrogen hormone is cardio protective therefore those female who are hypertensive or already having some cardiac condition has to be very careful after menopause

There is no treatment for hot flushes.Vaginal  dryness can be treated with local estrogen cream

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the treatment to reduce symptoms of menopause. It is available only for those population who are having severe postmenopuasal symptoms where their quality of life is affected due menopause . HRT has its own risk like chances of breast cancer or cancer if body of uterus increases. Pt on HRT need to be screened regularly to fine out adverse effect of HRT

Other treatment :

Regular exercise

No smoking


Plenty of fluids

Regular Gyneac check up which includes Pap smear , Colposcopy , per speculum examination and per vaginal examination, ultrasonography


The most alarming symptom is postmenopusal bleeding or spotting per vaginum.

– Dr. Rekha Thote (Consultant – Gynecologist, Currae Hospital, Thane)

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