Mediterranean Diet Linked To Higher Chance Of Successful IVF



Getting pregnant and having a baby is just like a dream. It is a most beautiful and radiant dream that any couple can dream about. But for some couple, it is really a dream. They try very hard and still they are unable to conceive a baby. But with the help of IVF, it is not at all impossible. You can not only get pregnant but can also feel the happiness of having that feeling that you were deprived off for so much time. But every technique has its own pros and cons. With IVF also there are not 100 percent chances of conceiving the baby. But every problem has a solution. You can increase your chances of getting pregnant. This change can be increased with the help of Mediterranean diet.

It can significantly increase the chances of getting pregnant with the help of IVF and giving birth to a healthy baby. Some Greek researchers have shown that women aged below 35 who eat the healthy Mediterranean diet for first 6 months have greater chances of giving birth to a healthy baby.


Vegetables, fruits, and whole grains should be definitely included in your diet if you are trying to get pregnant through IVF.

Beans, olive oil, oily fish, low meat and dairy products are also very beneficial and should be included in your diet. They should be continued even if you get to know that you are pregnant. Continuing them in your diet for initial months will help you give birth to a healthy and live baby.

These fruits and vegetables that are being consumed in the Mediterranean countries like France, Italy, and Greece have already been famous for healthy hearts and longer lives.

Not only women but men could also eat the Mediterranean diet to increase the quality of their semen so that it becomes easy for them to conceive the baby.

Some of the main ingredients in the Mediterranean diet include a high content of vegetables, fruits, beans, olive oil, a moderate amount of fish, wine, a small amount of poultry and red meat, dairy products, beans and cereal grains.


Women having Mediterranean diets have 50% chances of getting pregnant and those who do not take any diet have only 29% of chances of getting pregnant.

Among the women who take this diet, there was a strong 2.7 point hike of getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby.


A healthy approach to eating a healthy diet that includes legume, vegetables, fish, beans, peas, lentils, and vegetable oils has been proved very important in helping you conceive the baby.

Here at Currae Hospital, all women who are expecting are advised to eat a healthy diet so that their chances of getting a pregnant increase.

For a good reproductive health, a well-balanced diet is recommended and it is not at all surprising that it gives lots of benefits.


Antioxidants are linked with pregnancy as they boost the fertility and they are found in abundance in fruits, whole grains, and vegetables.

Thus if you are trying to get pregnant through IVF and you want this to succeed then following a Mediterranean diet is not at all a problem. In fact, you should definitely try it out so that there will never be regret that there was an option and you did not try it out.

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