Long-Term Results for LASIK Eye Surgery


Long-Term Results for LASIK Eye Surgery

From day to day, everyone might suffer some of the other injuries somewhere or the other in the body. But then some can be rectified naturally while others might require assistance from others to actually get healed and prevent it from spreading more. Surgeries and operations are done quite often where a person might be suffering from some severe issue and might need medical assistance for the bleeding and the wound to be healed and not to spread more and more. Hence anywhere in the body might be fine but then when something was to happen to the eye then it might lead to some adverse case where the person might as well witness blindness or partial blindness. But that is very rare in the 21sr century as there are several ways that a person can actually overcome the various type of diseases or injuries that might come in their way in daily life. Hence there is some kind of protection that one must wear in order to prevent any sort of injury to happen to our eyes as they are the most fragile and delicate part of the human body. Without them, we won’t be able to see. But even then, if something were to happen then glasses and contact lenses might help in resurrecting the vision and your all good to go. But what if that isn’t enough and needs a whole lot more of medical assistance in order get the thing right. That’s where a form of laser surgery comes into play known as LASIK eye surgery which helps in correcting any sort of eye imperfection that might have caused it not to function properly. Hence because of such advancements in medical fields, we have been able to save several lives by not making them go blind but preventing them from not going blind and having them function normally in their daily lives.

From day to day life, we meet several people all around us who are really different from one another. Some might have abnormality issues, while others might have something related to mental. But then we all are connected by one form of deficiencies and that is the vision. If you would have witnessed people all around us, they might have glasses or contact lenses on them in order to help them see things better. But these are some of the few options that are available to the common man in order to help them correct their eyesight and have a better depth of field in general. But all these are long-term temporary solutions where your glasses or contact lenses might not be able to help you in your vision after a particular point of time as the power of your eyes or the imperfect eyesight might increase and you might have to get your eyes sight checked and frame new glasses to see once again. Hence there comes the chance of getting the surgery done which is contrary to the topic, there are several different kinds of eye surgeries that are being done. You can ask your doctors to help you guide through all the kinds and which one would suit you the best. Out of all the eye surgeries available out there, there is the LASIK eye surgery that tends to be one of the best types of eye surgery that is available for making out there. But yet it is a difficult one to make the risk and complications are also there that might lead to a tough decision at the end of the day. Other than this the kind of eye disorder as well might make it harder for the surgeon to resurrect your vision and make it perfect for the eye to take in vision normally like it once used to. Hence to choose between a temporary solution like having glasses or contact lenses and choosing from a permanent one can be a really tough task. As in surgery, you can lose your eyesight and in the temporary solution, you can increase the error and make your power rise as well. Hence if you choose LASIK eye surgery then you could actually witness some long-term solution as well as well will discuss soon enough.

But before we even step inside the topic of LASIK eye surgery and the long terms benefits of the eye surgery, let’s get into the topic of understanding the entire procedure and what is LASIK eye surgery. LASIK is a form of eye surgery that is used to treat the general kind of eye problem related to eyesight, long sightedness, short sightedness and astigmatism. All of which have a temporary solution of glasses or contact lenses. Hence when you have a surgery that gets rid of all of these hassles, then it’s pretty obvious that it might become famous. But then its also quite famous for it is much more precise in rectifying your overall eyesight and removing the underlying cause of all the problems discussed earlier. Thus, when someone opts for going to LASIK eye surgery, then it becomes evident that it sure can provide a permanent solution to the individual and remove the hassle of cleaning your glasses or even putting any sort of contacts and all of which is eradicated and you don’t have to wear any. Surgery isn’t a temporary solution but a permanent one. All of which is possible by the application of laser technology making it a whole lot better and efficient for the human eye to see things properly without the application of any sort of third party objects. Also, with the implementation of the laser, the vision gets corrected automatically and you can witness results right after the surgery has been performed. Not only this but then all the scuffs and marks that are come upon your face due to wearing glasses are now eliminated and gives you a whole lot better look and feel about not wearing anything to even see what you are around or at a distance.

But on the contrary, if you actually get the surgery done, it might lead to your eyes being free from all the hassles and difficulties that it once faced while actually having to start to tear up whenever you tried to place any sort of contacts or even turn red as well. The itching was a must and burning of the eye was like the cherry on the cake whenever it came to applying contacts to your eyes. Now with the surgery done, all of these problems are a thing of the past and nothing will ever be a problem. These are a couple of the main reason why people actually go ahead and get surgeries done to rectify their problems be hassle free of handling glasses and contacts for a better vision. But then even if you go down with the surgery, there a few things that you might have to understand as there precurtain limitations as well that needs to be kept in mind in order to go ahead with the surgery. Some of which are given below. So, do take a look.

  • First things first. This is a surgery that is known for giving its patients permanent solution and nothing temporary. Hence don’t be sad by the fact that the operation will not give you a permanent fix. It will and even in the long run, it will the same without any changes. Changes only will happen to the vision will be corrected over time. Not only this, because of modern wonders of the eye surgery department, there are a couple of tweaks that are made in order to keep the eye same way and give you the vision that you once had before you had any sort of power. But then everything is not all good news. There are at times that even after surgery a person is not able to witness any sort of change but only fall under the 5% people all across the world who have a regression in their eyesight right after the time of surgery. This happens in very rare cases and also it depends upon the prescription of medication handed out by the doctor in order to help the recovery of the eye to take place at a faster rate. But then for some people, this also might not help and the surgery also doesn’t do any good. Hence there are certain enhancements done to the original surgery to rectify the underlying cause and get everything corrected.
  • But then even if something were to go wrong, don’t worry nothing would happen to you as the cause of fixing it would be in the hospital. They would have to rectify the issue and also get everything right back to where it was rather than making it worse. Other than this to get a re-fix and also rectify the problem that the operation also couldn’t fix comes free of cost. So just be happy that this happens were rare and the fix is permanent and nothing temporary as well.

But then now that we have seen what and all LASIK eye surgery can do to you in the long run and also what all benefits you might receive out of the surgery. Now let’s dive deeper into the subject of what all risks and complications that one might receive in the long run of anything were to go wrong and who all are in the danger of something going wrong if they ever were to get the surgery done. Let’s take a look.

LASIK Eye Surgery and Risks Involved Without for A Long-Term Period

These kinds of eye surgeries as discussed earlier are for a long-term benefit and there is no complication whatsoever. But depending upon where you might get the surgery done and how it might be according to your conditions, there might certain complications which can only be determined based on the situation given at that particular point of time. But then the very idea of a person going blind after the operation is very rare and not many cases have been reported that the surgery dint goes successfully. But then if there were any chances of this even happening then there might be some other medical treatment done in order to correct the scenario and get things done. But then like any other surgery choosing the right kind of surgeon and the hospital before you actually get into it can be of much greater importance as well. As the right kind of surgeon can give you a long-term benefit and choosing the wrong one can prove to be not that great as well.

But then even though you might have the right kind of surgeon and other factors revolving around the surgery. There are certain factors within you that need to be eliminated before you even get the surgery done. Some of which are given below. Take a look.

  • The irregularities of the cornea which can be either too thick or too thin on either of the two sides.
  • Pupils being on the larger side.
  • The error of refraction is high.
  • Age plays a vital role in the surgery.
  • Some sort of autoimmune disease or degenerative disease which no effect on your eyes will have even if the surgery is done.
  • If your vision is unstable and you no control over it.
  • Drying up of eyes.
  • Pregnancy.

There are several other reasons as to why you might not have to get the surgery done if there are certain things that you might have, hence check out the list or have a chat with your doctor before you get the surgery done.

LASK Long-Term Effects and Complications

There are millions of people across the world who have got the surgery done and are having the time of their lives without even wearing any sort of glasses or contact lenses to help them see better. But then there are less than 1% of the total people who have actually had complications for the long term and also have suffered all throughout their lives which might result in blindness or partial blindness depending on the severity of the situation of the problem. But then some of the long-term or the side effects of the surgery is given below. These can be rectified by surgical advancements. Hence the other side effects or complications are given below. Take a look.

  • Complications in the flaps – well in the entire procedure of the LASIK surgery there might be some awkward situations that might lead to the obstruction of vision as well. Other than this in entire surgery, the flap plays a vital role in actually letting the cornea play a vital function in the vision of the human eye. When the flap is created and then put back, it might not be sealed or foreclosed properly that might result in the loosening of the flap and thus causing the cornea to not function properly. It also affects the vision and causes optical aberrations. This is only when in the long run when you might tamper with your eye and this is the cost of that tampering. Other than this, in the long run, the flap might as well heal and nothing might happen, but if you or any other thing might cause it to loosen or fall out of shape then partial or total blindness might be the cost of it.
  • Temporary or permanent discomfort – there is an onset of discomfort or some temporary irritation right after the surgery is being done. Even the individual might witness night halos or some sort of starburst in day and night. Which might cause headaches and even mental illness. Such an onset is temporary and will go away within three to six months depending on the type of operations is being done. If everything were to go fine then it should wear off as soon as possible. But then if any of the steps is miscalculated then for a long term it might result in the cornea not being able to magnify the image and the eye cannot process the image. Hence the surgery might cause a permanent damage to the eye or it just might make it really hard for the eye to perceive things in front of it if the flap isn’t closed properly.

But then in some of the cases, in the long run, there have been some cases where the flap of the cornea which has been closed shut starts to cause some further problems. Well, it might be due to the false closing of the flap or some other problem related to the surgery. Hence take a look at the other kinds of problems that you might witness once you get the surgery done. Take a look.

  • Epithelial ingrowth – well this is nothing but the healing nature of the human body causing such a problem in the human eye. What happens here is that the flap which has been folded back into where it was remains in the same position. But the epithelial (which is also the outer layer of the cornea where the flap is actually made) starts to grow underneath the flap. As the epithelial is cut and there needs to be some regrowth to make everything proper. Hence the epithelial starts to grow underneath the flap causing some sort of blurred vision or the same kind of vision which you had before the operation. After which if you want to get it corrected, an operation is done where the flap is opened up and the excess growth of epithelial is taken out and the flap is scaled back. The same amount of care is taken but then the flap is sealed back tight such that another event like this doesn’t happen. If this surgery isn’t undertaken then, in the long run, the vision that you had before the surgery comes back and you might have to get the entire surgery done one again which can be very expensive.
  • Irregular astigmatism – as we all know that the entire surgery of LASIK revolves around the application of laser which is used to correct the cornea and make it either steep or bulged round. But then when there are irregularities in this process, there might be some of the vision problems that start to appear. Well right after the surgery you might not be able to witness this as there might be several medications that might be given to your eye that they might be acting as a visual support to make everything right. But then once everything wears out over time, then you can start to witness that everything becomes blurry and nothing is definitive. You start seeing everything at a double range and ghost images and prominent. This is all because of the cornea not having a flat or curved surface all throughout. It can happen due to several ways. One reason is that it can happen while the surgery where the laser might make one part of the cornea proper in one eye and another part uneven which leads to this problem in the end. Another main reason for this to even happen is the improper taking care of the eye and might lead to dust or some other foreign particles into the eye that leads to this problem. Having a surgery can correct this error and enhance your vision once again.
  • Dry eyes after the operation – dry eyes aren’t a new thing to the people who have got the surgery done. Mainly to the people who are under intense medication to get rid of the irritation and another kind of disturbances to their eyes after the entire operation. They have lesser tear production when compared to other people, because of the surgery and the medication that they are under prevents the tear ducts from watering a lot. Thus, paving the way to the rise of the eye not watering. It is something which is temporary but then in the lo9ng run it shouldn’t be a problem as they tend to start functioning normally and nothing tends to happen to them. But if they don’t start to tear, then you might have a problem and you might have to get things checked out for sure. Other than this lubricating your eyes with eye drops or with water are the best ways that anyone can help the tear ducts to start water again. But then using water would be against the people who have got the eye surgery done. Needless to say, that this problem only pertains after the surgery where the body is trying to accept the newly formed eye and take in new information which it hasn’t been taking it form a really long time. Problem stays for six months but after that everything starts to behave normally and nothing tends to go wrong as well. But then for those people who already have dry eyes before the operations don’t come under the side effects of the operation.
  • DLK (diffuse lamellar keratitis) – during any invasive surgery where the body is opened and operated on, there is some amount of inflammation as the body needs to recover and also needs to start the healing process. But in the matter of the LASIK eye surgery, this form of the problem is also known as DLK which is also known as sands of Sahara. Mainly because of the inflammation of the eyes. Well, you might be wondering as to why it might be called this and why the inflammation of the eyes. Well when the flap is created and the cornea is worked upon, then there is some amount of inflammation that is witnessed because there is some form of the incision made, which is completely normal. But then after the surgery and when everything is in the recovery mode, and even then, the inflammation isn’t stopping then there is something that needs to be done in order to stop the inflammation as if it precedes the normal size then there might some fatal consequences, hence when this happens surgery can lead to the treatment of it. But during that time the flap is opened up and any kind of foreign particle is removed which might be causing such a thing. Other than this, everything else remains normal but in this phase, a person can witness vision loss or blurred vision because of the swollen eye and the improper shape of the cornea and the flap.
  • Keratoconus – well this is the situation where the cornea of the eye is removed in excess which then results in the body to not only loos the vision but become completely blind. But then in the surgery, some amount of the epithelium is removed in order to make the flap, but at times seeing the severity of the vision, there might be some excess amount removed that might cause the person to lose their vision and also cause partial blindness. This can be treated by the attachment of partial lenses or a cornea transplant in some rare cases. But in the long run if you were to tamper with your eyes then this might be the result of it. So, do make sure that you tend to keep your eyes safe and protected from any sort of damaged after getting the surgery done.
  • Eye infection – in the long run, there are practically no kind of infection that are witnessed after the surgery. This is all thanks to the presence of the corneal flap which acts like a natural bandage which then prevents any sort of infection to even be present in the cornea and cause further problems. But in the long run, there could be some form of infections if you were not taking care of the eyes properly after surgery. There are certain drops which are prescribed by the doctor which needs to be used on a day to day basis. Hence make sure that you use them and not just use them for a week and never use them ever again. But other than these medication helps in the control of inflammation and also tends to avoid any sort of infection as well to spread all across the eye and cause some kind of epidemic as well.

So, if you are looking to get any kind of surgery done to your eyes, then do make sure to check these things out before you go ahead as it might lead to some problems in the future, but that can all be prevented if you were to take care of your eye after the surgery. So, makes rue that you do and have a safe life after the surgery.


Hence now that we saw the various different types of long-term risks and other factors. We can now know that LASIK eye surgery is only for those who wish to have a permanent fix to their eyes rather than making an expensive take ongoing blind. Yes, if some people prefer to stay with glasses or contacts then that’s up to them. But for those who want a long-term benefit of not wearing any, then this is the perfect mix for you. Other than this, long-term benefits of the eye surgery are a plus at all times and also can give you much better results throughout the year’s as the surgery and the vision of your eyes keeps getting better irrespective of the way that might maintain it. Case studies have shown that the vision after surgery tends to improve over the course of time and also makes it stay away from any sort of irritation and also any kind of infection as well. But then if you don’t take care of them then the surgery is of no use. Try to keep them safe and follow all the instructions as per the doctors’ orders and the surgery should do good for a long term and give you ample benefits that you always wished to have. All the best and be safe.

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