Liposuction: Just the right amount of fat


Liposuction: Just the right amount of fat

Liposuction or lipo is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat deposits to improve your body contours and proportion, in an attempt to slim and reshape specific areas of the body.

Liposuction is not about removing the fat, but is about how much fat is left after surgery to preserve natural contours of the body. Liposuction is the most common cosmetic surgery performed in United States.

A good candidate for liposuction

Liposuction is not for weight loss or alleviating obesity related disorders like high lipids or insulin resistance. An ideal candidate for liposuction is a man or woman on healthy diet and regular exercise with near normal body weight, having unsurmountable fat pockets in some areas.

Areas liposuction can treat

Let us assume that you are doing your best with a healthy diet and regular exercise. But you have unsurmountable fats in abdomen, flanks (love handles), inner and outer thighs, inner knees, buttocks, arms, neck. Liposuction can restore natural contour in all these areas. It cannot treat chubbiness in cheeks, knees or calves.

Liposuction after pregnancy

An enchanting journey of pregnancy gives baby and your fat deposits to look after. Hormones in pregnancy makes adaptive changes and result in excess fat pockets in abdomen, buttocks, flanks and thighs. For postpartum abdomen, liposuction with ultrasonic energy (VASER), oscillating power hand-piece (PAL), or hydraulic power can result in removal of excess fat pockets and improve contour by skin retraction and redistribution. For a three dimensional correction, you can opt for sculpting of midback, flanks and thighs. A pregnancy can very well conclude with the dual bliss of child and confident appearance.

How lipo is performed?

Before performing lipo, cosmetic surgeon marks the targeted areas in standing position and takes photos for comparing before and after status. After consent, patient is given anaesthesia and targeted areas are injected with medications. Through tiny incisions fat cells are permanently removed by a cannula attached to a vacuum. Incisions are closed with stiches and compression garments are wore after procedure for controlling swelling and promoting skin contraction to the new body contour.

Recovery time

Unless done under general anaesthesia, patient is discharged the same day. Although you may not be able to drive home and might need a week off from work. You can take shower in a few days. Soreness, swelling and bruising typically last for 1-3 weeks. contour. Numbness of the liposuction area is expected for several weeks. Temporary swelling can be there for up to 3 months.

Worried about scarring?

In liposuction 3-5 tiny incisions are done to suck out fat cells with vacuum. Need not worry about scarring. A skilled Cosmetic Surgeon will ensure that scars are as tiny as 2-3 mm and are hidden in natural creases of body. SPF30+ encourages faster scaring with best cosmetic results.

What about the results after liposuction?

Results are permanent! Once removed, fat cells cannot grow back. Liposuction of the actual butt cheek is not a common procedure due to the increased risk of skin asymmetries and sagging appearance. This is more so for lower half of the buttocks. Excess fat deposits in the upper-outer buttock makes it appear flatter and wider. Contouring the flank area with liposuction can create a smoother, more natural transition even without using silicone implants or Brazilian butt lift.

An experienced Cosmetic Surgeons knows that the amount of removed fat must not only be determined by the patient’s desired postop size, but also by the skin elasticity or its ability to re-drape to the new contour. Overzealous removal of fat pockets might lead to visible and/or palpable rippling and sagging appearance. The goal of liposuction is to remove just the right amount of fat leaving behind enough to preserve the natural contours of the body and maintain a smooth skin surface.

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