Lasik And Refractive Surgery To Improve Your Vision



A type of surgery which uses excimer laser to physically correct glass prescriptions ensuring freedom from glasses/ contact lens


  • Myopia (minus power) upto -10 D
  • Hypermetropia (plus power) upto +6D
  • Astigmatism (cylindrical power) upto +/- 6D


  1. Lasik works by reshaping the cornea the clear front part of the eye, so that the light traveling through it is properly focused into the retina located in the back of the eye.
  2. Painless procedure local anaesthetic drops applied
  3. Few minutes bloodless intervention

Candidate for LASIK

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Stable glass power
  • Healthy Cornea
  • Treatable refractive power range

Refractive Surgery also includes PRK,RLE and Phakic IOL for candidates who are not suitable for LASIK


    • Is LASIK safe?
      LASIK procedure poses minimal risk. Precisely the complication rate in large studies is negligible between 0.001% and 0.05%.Even if complications occur most are resolved in a few weeks and are not sight threatening.
    • Are LASIK results permanent?
      The answer is YES.
      Patients should note that while the results are stable they can be modified by enhancement procedures
    • If my vision changes can it be redone?
      Yes of course
    • Will I ever need to wear glasses?
      Most patients do not wear glasses for their daily activities.however, patients need to wear reading glasses if they are above the age of 40.
    • How much does LASIK cost?
      Depends on patients specific condition. The quoted amount would consider whether it’s for a standard or customised LASIK or PRK or Phakic IOLs
      However it’s not covered under medical insurance.
    • How long I need to take leave from work?
      Most patients can resume work right from the next day,finer vision requirements may need 2-3 days leave.


LASIK and all other refractive surgeries are regularly performed with precision in Currae eye hospital. Doctors are always ready for Surgical consultation. You are welcome!

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