Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy and colposcopy are noon in treatment of almost all diseases in females


What is laparoscopy?
Surgery done through small holes in abdominal wall called as laparoscopy

Why laparoscopy ?

When a surgery done through small holes on abdominal wall there is minimal handling of internal organs therefore …
1) No post operative pain
2) Reduction in infection
3) Less Hospital stay
4) Can record entire surgery
5) Less scar on abdomin

Almost all surgeries of femal reproductive tract can be done laparoscopy .

What is hysteroscopy ?

Viewing of uterus from inside is possible by a very small scope called hysteroscope. The procedural called hysteroscopy

Which patient need hysteroscopy?

Those patient in whine we need to fined any pathology inside the uterus is subjected to hysteroscopy Like:

1) Excessive bleeding per vaginum
2) Unable to get pregnant
3) Post menopausal spotting
4) Excessive vaginal discharge

What is colposcopy ?

Viewing of cervix in magnified image is possible through colposcope and procedure called colposcopy

Which patient needs colposcopy?

1) post menopausal spotting or bleeding
2) Foul smelling vaginal discharge
3) Unhealthy Cervix
4) Itching in vagina
5) Repeated urinary tract infection
6) Family history of cancer of cervix

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