Laparoscopic GI Oncosurgery, The New Upcoming Trend for Gastrointestinal Cancers


GI cancers deal with cancers of the stomach, small intestine, colorectum, liver, biliary tree, and the pancreas. The symptoms of these cancers include loss of blood from any of the orifices, from the mouth and from the anal canal, fall in haemoglobin, weakness, decreased appetite and rapid weight loss.

The treatment of these cancers is by doing surgery which includes open surgery, as is done conventionally or laparoscopic surgery. Open surgery for these cancers involve a big incision on the abdomen and involves a long stay in the hospital, prolonged ICU stay, and also involves longer recuperation period and return to the work is very delayed. Laparoscopic surgery offers the option of smaller incisions on the abdomen, entailing all the principles of oncosurgery, which are not breached in laparoscopic surgery. It involves lesser trauma to the body, faster return to the work, faster return to the normal activities, and less amount of pain to the body.

Laparoscopic surgery is done in a similar way as an open surgery; no principles are compromised in the surgery. So, laparoscopic surgery for gastrointestinal cancers is a new upcoming trend in surgery and has to be the gold standard, which will be established in the coming days. So, laparoscopic surgery is recommended for all gastrointestinal cancers.

Laparoscopic GI Oncosurgery deals with removal of the diseased, cancerous part from the body with very little trauma to the patient and faster recovery.

Dr. Sachin Wani – GI Cancers

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