Knee Replacement Surgery Gives You Freedom from Pain


Total Knee Replacement Gives You Total Freedom from Pain and Mobility Restriction

Think back to when you were a child. In that age, crossing the toughest hurdles was not a big deal. And now as you grow old, the things have changed so explicitly?

Today, climbing three stairs is as difficult as climbing the Mount Everest. What happens to your knees? What makes you so helpless?

Has it something to do with your sedentary lifestyle? Or it is due to your reluctance (and hatred) towards exercise or walking?

Well, all of the above aspects are partially responsible for it. Locking of knees or Knee Arthritis is one of the most common troubles that come with the old age.

What Is The Physiological Condition That Is Called Knee Arthritis?

We know that the bones in our body are lined with a layer of cartilage that gives lubrication during the movement.

In our knees also, we have the same soft layer which allows knees to glide in smoothly and painlessly.

Till the time there the cartilages are healthy, we don’t even take a note of our knees. The problem begins when cartilage starts degenerating and the bones start rubbing each other.

It is needless to say that it is a painful moment and if not checked timely, it becomes more and more painful.

Knee joints become stiff and swollen, the shape and alignment of the leg get deformed, and you have a troublesome time indeed.

Visualize yourself in the condition when walking becomes an impossible task, and you get confined to a limited area. Scary, isn’t it?

Thank god, there is a way out!

In the worst case scenario, total knee replacement is one of the best treatments. It is a prosthesis that replaces arthritis affected knee joint.

Total Knee Replacement Procedure- Important Steps

  • At the end of the femur bone, doctors put a metal femoral component. It is shaped and sized in such a manner that it fits the contour well.
  • There is a flat component called tibia with a small stem attached to the inner surface. With this stem, tibia gets attached to the other end of the knee joint.
  • Both ends are fixed to the bone using a special cartilage like polymer substance. It is also known as bone cement.
  • The metallic components are made from special alloys, normally titanium or cobalt-chrome. The Orthopedic Doctors in Thanealways use excellent quality stuff that lasts long and brings total satisfaction.
  • The tibia components at both ends are locked using a polyethylene insert. It acts as the bearing the femoral components move against.
  • The quality of polyethylene is very good because it has to work smoothly for many years.
  • There is another plastic component that resurfaces the backside of the kneecap. It is called the patellar button. Sometimes, doctors take a decision not to replace it. The decision is taken based on the severity of the case.

Total knee replacement brings a total transformation in the life of the patients. You talk to any patient that has undergone the Knee Replacement Surgery in Thane and you realize its effectiveness. Certainly, it is a blessing for the people facing problems because of severe knee arthritis.

Not only it relieves the persistent pain which is the prominent aspect of knee arthritis but restores the mobility and quality of life as well!

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