Key Factors That Impact Meniscal Tear Recovery After Surgery


Key Factors That Impact Meniscal Tear Recovery After Surgery

The menisci are sort of a shock absorber and deal with the forces through the knee. These are two C-shaped tough patches of cartilaginous tissue that lie between your shin bones and thigh at the knee. One meniscus is present on the inner side of your knee and one is present at the outer side of it. Menisci also serve to support the joints, guard the smooth edges of the bones against damage and reduce the stress on your knees.

Mostly, meniscus tears occur during playing sports. Squatting and twisting the knee can cause a tear. Degenerative meniscus tears are also very common in older people as cartilaginous tissue thins and become weak with time and these impaired tissues are more likely to tears. The time of recovery can greatly differentiate in different patients. It depends on various tissues. It can be very complicated in some people and can be straightforward in others. It may take a little longer than you think to recover from an arthroscopy for a meniscus tear. Recovery from meniscus surgery will take different amounts of time depending on the type of tear you may have. Bouncing back from meniscus surgery is also dependent on how the procedure went like if you had a meniscus repair (sutures) or if you simply the torn pieces were removed (partial meniscectomy). In cases of a meniscus repair, recovery may take some months to recover completely and in some cases of recovery from meniscus surgery, the recovery period can take days to weeks. Most of the time, recovery from meniscus surgery is not complicated if proper after care is taken and there are various factors that can affect your recovery and this will vary from person to person.

You should know that every torn meniscus will not necessarily demand a surgery.  And, if it does, then you should take proper aftercare in your recovery time from meniscal tear surgery for days and weeks after the operation. The recovery from meniscus surgery vary significantly but the factors are under your power, and some are under your surgeon’s command.

You have to start preparing for the recovery before the actual surgery. You might need Prehab or physical therapy before the operation. The strength of your leg is, and flexibility of your leg before surgery will make a recovery after meniscus surgery easier. One factor that will affect the recovery after meniscus surgery is controlling the pain after the surgery. Have an ice compression sleeve, or wear a knee compression sleeve during the day to minimize your pain and better comfort. Also, have supplements to reduce the inflammation.

As mentioned above, there are a several of factors that affect your meniscal tear recovery and decide how long it will take and the key factors are as follows:

  1. Your age

Your age is a major factor in deciding the time of recovery from meniscal tear because of the cartilaginous tissue thins and becomes weak as you age and in aged people, the time of recovery is likely to be longer. If you are young and healthy patients, you will have a more accelerated recovery than the older people.

  1. Your weight

If your weight is in excess or you are obese, there are chances you will take a longer recovery time. The weight of your body is directly proportional to the time of recovery you will take.

  1. Your activity demands

You have to manage your activity after the surgery. You are supposed to get up and move and should do some activities after surgery as prescribed by the doctor, but don’t overdo it. If you are usually a very active type of a person, you should reduce your activity level to have proper healing. But if you were active before the surgery and not very sedentary, recovery time will be less. You should do your Prehab or physical therapy before the operation. The strength of your leg is, and flexibility of your leg before surgery will make a recovery after meniscus surgery easier.

  1. If you have arthritis in your knee – Arthritis will increase the recovery time.
  2. The type of surgery you undergo will also decide the recovery time.
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